1. Bridezilla

The first time I saw Bridezilla, I thought nothing of them. It wasn’t bad, but like pretty much every other unknown warm up band, they failed to have an impact. Or so I thought. Over the next couple of months they kept creeping up on me, I’d think back to that gig or hear their song on the radio and I wanted more. After giving them a second thought I found that I in fact really liked their sound. There are three driving factors behind Bridezilla that set them apart from anything you’ve heard before. Firstly are the vocals of singer, Holiday. Apart from having such a cool name she sings with such feeling and energy that it lifts them to the next level. The other two factors come in their instrumentation. Featuring both a violin and saxophone, each played with incredible vigour, Bridezilla make for one unique and exciting live experience. But perhaps what really makes them special is their age. I’d heard they were underage and the last time I saw them, was trying to work which of them might be the culprit; well it turns out they all are. The fact that two of their members are only 15 and none of them exceed 17 is simply incomprehensible. When these guys come of age (literally) you’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more of them.

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