British India

British India – The Time

Listening to this song alone and making a connection with their name, you might make the incorrect assumption that British India is some sort of fusion between British rock and Indian strangeness. But no, this song is a one off foray into such quirky territory. Their main style would probably be better described as straight out garage rock. What makes them special however, is that with this and another favourite Outside 109, they’ve already proved they’re capable of producing quality rock music. Such an energetic and entertaining style also has me dying to get the chance to see them live.

For some reason I always think film clip when I here this song. It creates a definite sense of excitement throughout so I’m sure the clip would involve some sort of frantic chase, were it ever to be made. From the moment I heard it I’ve been in love with it’s refreshing sound. Usually such songs pass through my attention pretty quick, however this has managed to stand the test of time.

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