10. Mercy Arms

Clearly The Strokes are quite influential on me for it took just the mere mention that they’d chosen Mercy Arms to support them on their recent tour, to convince me to check them out. After a quick visit to their myspace and few repeat listens I discovered that they were indeed a wise choice. To put it simply, I love the songs they have available for listening, especially this one. Mercy Arms’ play upbeat, indie rock music, perhaps even coming under the banner of alternative, if that word is still being used. For me their most striking feature is the guitar work. Never have I noticed the rhythm and lead guitars complimenting each other so well. Couple this with a great voice, especially when hitting the higher notes, and you have yourself one impressive band. I keep missing them live but have faith that it would be an excellent experience. These guys are yet another band I’ve used here that are so new that they’re yet to release an EP. In fact, legend has it that the demos on myspace were recorded in their kitchen with just one microphone, so when you add to this the fact that I had to record the song as it streamed in order to bring you this mp3, it’s understandable that it isn’t the best quality. But thankfully it is good enough for you to hear and hopefully appreciate the beauty of their music.

Mercy Arms - Half Right

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