14. Pinky Tuscadero

Pinky Tuscadero are part of a wave of fast paced, female-led rock bands that seem to be emerging worldwide. Joined internationally by acts such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs as well local bands such as Young and Restless, they are in our faces with their intense, chaotic music. Pinky Tuscadero, however, have put their stamp on the genre, adding a special blend of obscenity to the mix. The vocals are erratic at best, instrumentation obscure and unpredictable and when played at such speed, combine into one compelling listen. I’m yet to see them live, but with recordings like these, I can’t see how it could be anything but great. Originally I was planning on using the song ‘Priscilla’ (still recommended) but listening through their stuff, I just couldn’t ignore this one, as it summed up what I was saying so perfectly. It’s actually sung by a guy, indicating a welcome degree of diversity, but the female influence is still ever-present in the backing vocals.

Pinky Tuscadero - Frank Sinatra

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