The Horror The Horror - The Horror The Horror

That’s a lot of horror. I’ve always wondered if we’ll ever get to the point where every possible band name gets used. There’s a limit to what can follow the word ‘The’ and eventually all the creative names will get used. Well if this band is anything to go by, that time has arrived because in all honesty, The Horror The Horror is a horrible band name (pun not intended but I’ll take it). It’s so bad that it almost warrants ignoring them completely. They could have saved us all the grief by being plain old, The Horror, or at least not self-titling their album. But no, they were unrelenting with their name choices. But of course, what is more important than the name is the music. And here the music shines. While bands everywhere are looking to create brand new sounds in order to differentiate themselves, this band sticks to a fairly standard garage pop sound and it works. It makes their music accessible to all and they manage to do it without sounding stale. In short, they-who-shall-not-be-named have produced a collection of fresh and interesting songs that’s well worth a listen.

I Blame The Sun – This was the first song to take my liking. I’d say it’s most likely due to the fact it’s the most diverse. It starts off relatively restrained before gradually progressing to the more upbeat chorus. And of course I can’t go without mentioning the….err….‘hooing’ that is so pleasant to the ear.

Ipanema – I found it very hard to pick a second song to use here. I was constantly changing my mind and re-listening to songs in order to work out which I liked most. In fact when I came to write this, I had to check which song I’d uploaded because I’d already forgotten. But this song is clearly good for it’s the one I eventually chose, I just can’t remember why.

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