15. The Cops

The Cops have brought me some of my most memorable live experiences. The best of these was at the Newtown festival, where while the musical attractions were bit thin, The Cops and Evermore were headlining. Not having heard much of The Cops I went to Evermore first but they were boring to say the least. The Cops on the other hand put on an awesome show to a relatively small crowd who all went crazy for them. The Cops formed in quite an interesting way. Now lead singer, Simon Carter, was mucking around writing songs in his basement (how typical) and when he played them to a friend, Rebecca Darwon (now bass player), she thought they were so great that they should start a band. And they did. Their debut album, ‘Stomp On Tripwires’, highlights their unique style of music, which to put it simply, is high-energy and slightly dirty rock music with a little bit of quirkiness. But the beauty of their music lies in the fact that the entire album gives off a sense of having fun, which allows them to explode when they hit the stage. While in recent times they may have disappeared from our consciousness they haven’t disappeared from existence. With their website proclaiming ‘Cops – Coming 2006’ we are about to hear from them a lot more both in terms of live shows and a brand new EP that’s on the horizon. The song I’ve picked isn’t the best ever made, perhaps not even the best on the album, but when it’s played live it goes off and that’s what The Cops are all about.

The Cops - Be My Lover

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