Tucker B's

My impression of Tucker B’s is that they’re a very weird bunch. A visit to their website is a hilarious one for it is filled with all sorts of wacky lingo. Whoever wrote it was either incredibly tripped out or they have been reading too much Clockwork Orange (yes, it was a book first). Add to this an array of odd pictures and lyrics that are questionable at best and you have yourself one extraordinary band. I was introduced to this band by the same friends that introduced me to Dappled Cities Fly, so it comes as no surprise that they sound similar. Of course no band really sounds the same as Dappled, but there are many likenesses, such as similar sounding vocals and a flair of eccentricity. Their music is generally laid back but it features many twists and turns, which are always good for a dance. I have been looking forward to seeing them live for a while, however my anticipation was dashed a little when a friend told me a recent performance of theirs was ordinary. Apparently their new drummer isn’t up to scratch. But despite this, my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I’m still psyched to go see them.

Bullets – When I spoke earlier of questionable lyrics, this was what I was referring to. I’m not 100% sure but I swear I hear something quite outlandish. I like this song because it is free flowing and overall quite relaxing.

Yes No Authority – Both these songs are off their latest album, Chubby, which I highly recommend. This song starts off slow but then peaks when it’s fantastic riff kicks in. It especially reminds me of the sort of thing Dappled would do.

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