Band of Horses - Everything All The Time

I’ve been wanting to use this band, for a while now, in fact before the site even existed. It’s been so long that I actually forgot about them. But don’t worry, I was recently reminded of their existence and now you are finally being introduced to them. Band of Horses make very clean music. In terms of the guitars, they go for a crisp sound rather than distorted and just generally their music sounds polished. In terms of genres, you would probably sit them under a light rock category, though it occasionally feels like some country elements work their way in (don’t fear, it sounds good!). But what really drives this band and sets them apart are the vocals. I’m finding it hard to describe it but I guess you could say it’s kind of slurred, along the lines of Clap Your Hands Yeah but much smoother. These vocals really shine when he hits the high notes or when the intensity heats up. The album is a mix of the slow and the fast, the big and the small. There are the epics, slowly building to their climax and the novelties, offering a fresh new sound. I’ve tried to give two songs that cover all these areas.

Great Salt Lake – As usual, I present to you the first song that stood out for me. This is probably due to opening guitar riff, which is sure to grab anybody’s attention. Overall it is one of those aforementioned epics, something that doesn’t always suit me, but it has me singing along so it can’t be too bad.

Weed Party – This song managed to make it here, despite starting with ‘Ye ha!’. For if you look beyond that, it really is quite a pleasant song to just sit back to and appreciate. The vocal variation is ever present here and it is perfectly complemented by the strong melody.


Kone said...

Way to overuse the Tah Dahs page geez. This is for music not banter freaks. Paper scissors very very good and on the topic of scissors, the boat people <--- out of QLD i think but still good. (their song clean has a scissor reference)

Peter said...

Yeah that got a bit out of hand eh? Oh well, all pointless conversation can be moved over to here now. I've answered the rest of your comment over at the Sydney Bands page as considering how Band of Horses have nothing to do with Paper Scissorss, I'm assuming that's where you intended to leave it

kone said...

well dah

Anonymous said...

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