I thought I’d use this picture just to highlight how ridiculously young these guys were when they released their first album, Frogstomp. Yes, the album that talks of “Suicidal Dreams” and “Pure Massacre” was produced by a bunch of 15 year olds. It really is no surprise that Daniel Johns had a breakdown. Despite such setbacks, in 11 years and 4 albums, Silverchair have become one of Australia’s most successful modern rock bands. After a bit of a break, they are back and ready to show us why they are so big. They've alreading begun touring and have a brand new record on the horizon. This is definitely exciting news and yet I’m still hesitant. I saw them in one of their comeback shows and while it was good, I must admit I was a little disappointed. The only song that truly moved me was ‘Freak’, also the only song they played off either of their first two albums. For those who are unaware, Silverchair’s sound has evolved immensely over the years. On their early albums, they had a grunge rock sound, which won them many comparisons to Nirvana, but since then they have reined in the distortion, developing a powerfully emotional sound through the incorporation of rich orchestral compositions. I enjoy all their different sounds though my latest experience tells me that their older material is the better live. Unfortunately however, nearly all bands have a tendency to give preference to their newest songs. On top of this, they are sure to play songs off their forthcoming album, which will be completely unfamiliar to me. Both these factors mean their live show could potentially be a letdown. Then again, it’s Silverchair, so it could also be brilliant.

Tomorrow – This was the song that brought Silverchair into the spotlight and to no surprise. It is an incredibly well rounded rock song and simply mind-boggling that it was produced by such young minds. I have literally loved this song for as long as I can remember

Across The Night - Just for a bit of contrast, here is a track off the fourth and latest album, Diorama. It is equally incredible but for vastly different reasons. It features a wealth of orchestral flourishes but it is Daniel Johns’ riveting vocals that propel it to such a high level


Trev said...

i love these guys,i remember a band covered suicidal dream at school about 10 years ago oh my god!! thanks for bringing them to my attention again.

jane said...

i've touched them

Anthony said...

Hi, I really liked your post about silverchair. Have you heard any songs from the new album? I think you'd be impressed by the new single 'Straight Lines'. Check it out if you can.


Anonymous said...

mads said..

i'm not thrilled with the new silverchair. although i'm very happy for daniel and his recovery, i think silverchair's style has changed a lot. i miss the old chair. =(

JS said...

That's a freakishly old photo of the 'boys' hehe.

Gotta admire Silverchair for reinventing their sound once again. Although, the new Young Modern is a bit too artsy and refined for me.

Love them!

Adi said...

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