18. D'arcy

I came onto this band thanks to the local radio station FBi. However, when I went to investigate further, I discovered that finding information on or music by D’Arcy is near impossible. In fact with no myspace and no visible press coverage, this little blurb could be the most comprehensive piece ever written on them. While that may be a slight exaggeration, I’d be safe to say that they don’t do much to promote themselves. Well thankfully my persistence paid off and I came across a gold mine in the form of their page on mp3.com.au. But when I listened to them, it sounded weird. I expected something upbeat and catchy but D’Arcy were soft and slow (melodic rock according to this page). They’re sound is very stripped back and minimal, compared to the fuller sound I had envisioned. I didn’t let this turn me off and in the end discovered that I actually like the calming, intimate sound of theirs. My misconception could have been due to the sheer time difference between hearing them on the radio and finding their mp3s or because the song FBi often play isn’t available for download. Who knows? All that matters is that the music they DO play is actually good. I’d tell you what they’ve been up to recently but as I mentioned, according to the internet, they don’t exist. I’m pretty sure they lost they’re bass player to The Vines but the latest situation on that is anybody’s guess. I probably shouldn’t have used them here because for all I know they could no longer exist. Then again, that’s half the fun of it; they represent the (deep) underground in Sydney music. I’m interested to hear from anyone who has any information on this relatively unknown yet highly promising band.

D'arcy - Electric Lighting


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Hey Peter, good ears, Ive been chasing these guys for ages, I e-mailed FBI - nothing. I'm assuming thats how you initally heard them? If your going to the World Bar gig (or not) I'd like to have a chat to you as I'm interested in managing this band and am looking for other like minded indie freaks to help? or mabye to put me onto others? I have no doubt these guys could go well in Syd and elsewhere. I don't check this space however I do have a Myspace being http://www.myspace.com/jimibrowncat

Peter said...

....wow.....what a coincidence....check your myspace, i wrote a message before i noticed that you dont check it