TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain

Every time I say this it seems more and more obsolete, but this band is unique! There sound is simply undescribable (and yet I plow ahead with it anyway), mixing elements of rock, jazz and God knows what else. I checked them out upon hearing news of them coming down here to Australia. The song to first to take my fancy was Staring at the Sun, off their second album, and if the songs I offer here seem to go over your head, I recommend you look to it. However it was this album, the soon-to-be released Return To Cookie Mountain, which emerged as the best and is a solid effort throughout. The band incorporate a number of guest musicians, including David Bowie himself (as I’m so easily led to believe) which adds yet another dimension to their songs.

Snakes and Martyrs – This song is an example of the multi-dimensional music they produce. Varying instruments, varying vocal pitches and intensities and varying tempos. It’s all pieced together seamlessly into one highly complicated yet highly rewarding piece

Dirty Little Whirlwind – At the opposite end of the spectrum, this is one of the simpler songs. That’s not to say it’s basic in any way, just as a matter of comparison. What is ever present here though is the strength of the vocals. Though it’s probably irrelevant I like to think it’s due to the fact that 4 out of 5 of them are black, reminding me of the great voices of the 50’s. It probably has something to with the giant afros and beards also.



Anonymous said...

is there any way you can bump up a blog entry
i think this deserves more attention than it appears to be commanding
this is really really really good (snakes and martyrs)
i think its unique in a pink floyd kind of way

Peter said...

though it's certainly possible, bumping it up would sort of defeat the purpose. They are in the order that they're written. That said, when i get round to it, i do plan on having a 'most recommended' sub heading on the side with links to older posts and this would probably make that list.

I'm glad you liked the songs cause after listening to the album more i was starting to think i hadn't picked the best ones - that is the depth of it. If you haven't already listened to the whole thing, you should definitely get round to it. I dunno, buy it even?

Peter said...

oh yeah, as for pink floyd, yes and don't know. There's no doubt they're unique but in a pink floyd kind of way im not sure. To be honest i haven't listened to them enough, only dark side of the moon in any decent amounts, and that was only after repeated ravings by a friend. So yeah, all i can say is i should listen to more pink floyd and you should listen to more tv on the radio.