A (not so) quick hello

Of Montreal - Live
They're probably the most mentioned band on this blog, but you can never get enough Of Montreal. They're in Australia for the first time and their Sydney show was pretty awesome. Sure, it was disappointing that they didn't play any old stuff, but when a band is over a decade old, you sort of expect it. What makes them impressive though, is that despite so many of my favourites being absent, nearly every song they played I loved. It's testimony to the strength of their catalogue. Even the songs from Sunlandic Twins pleasantly surprised me. I was really getting into it, right amongst the hilarious mix of freaks up the front.

Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider

Golden Plains
Speaking of Of Montreal, tomorrow I head off to Golden Plains (plus a night in Melbourne of course). If I was sensible, I wouldn't be here writing this, but clearly i dont care about my body, so I'll be launching into what will most likely be a 4-day blur of music and alcohol, with very little sleep. Golden Plains will be quite a different experience for me. I'm usually the economical type, going to festivals with the best lineup and running like mad between bands. This will be the first time I go to a festival and just chill out. I'll still be watching plenty of music, I just won't have a personalised timetable regimented food and toilet breaks. Most of the bands playing, I know, but not well, so it will be interesting. At least very least, I know enough them to know it will be incredible.

The Sun Smells Too Loud (Mogwai)

Decoder Ring
Speaking of epic instrumental bands, Decoder Ring's new album is coming soon, and the word on the street is that it's gonna be big. After seeing them a couple of times lately, I'm not surprised. Did I mention they are supporting Coldplay? Haha good on them. I recently put this song on and was reminded of how stupidly good they are.


Dappled Cities
Speaking of Sydney bands with new albums coming out, I saw Dappled Cities last night. The show was an intriguing one, and not just because over half the crowd were Bondi Bogans. Many of the new songs had evolved since I last saw them, with either different sounds or entirely new parts. In most cases, the songs had matured and improved significantly, but occassionally a change struck me as kind of odd and disappointing. But I'm sure they know what they're doing. It's kinda stupid how many times I've seen this band, but at the same time incredible because I never grow tired. Their music has a strange appeal. On record, it's quite calming. There isn't standout tracks pulling the others along, but rather a varied stream of interesting sounds, capturing your attention with its subtleties. When playing live, their music is all about energy. A profound jerkiness emerges, as they jump from one direction to another with a sudden chord change or characteristic cry. They have such tight rhythms that you can't help be lured in by the momentum. Before you know it your body is moving in step with the song's every fluctuation. It's no wonder that this band invokes such freakish devotion amongst it fans and a real shame that they aren't more widely recognised. Such is the curse of talent.

You can currently hear Dappled's forthcoming single on the Beach Road Hotel myspace page. It isn't on the band's page and I doubt it will be up for much longer so get in quick.