Cloud Control

It really is special to watch a band evolve from playing in dingy little pubs, where if it is wasn’t for their loyal (sympathetic) friends, the place would be empty, to making complete strangers actually want to pay money to go see them. The warm feeling you get from the knowledge that you knew them first is almost enough to overcome the disgust you feel when they sell out to hoards of unappreciative new fans. Well whatever the case, Sydney is currently home many of these brand spanking new bands that could very well be the next to break your hearts. Cloud Control is one of them. However you better latch on quick if you want to call them your own, because having already conquered the USyd Band Comp, they’re set to reach a much wider (and of course less deserving) audience. I really am painting an over cynical picture here, Cloud Control are in fact just a bunch of talented kids offering their musical abilities for us to enjoy and we’re all the better for it. If they do end up making it big then they definitely deserve it. They utilise what seem to be two of the latest trends, a male/female vocal combo and a keyboardist. This is very much to my liking because it gives a band a lot of room to move in (not literally of course, it can actually make things quite crowded, but creatively), room which Cloud Control fully explore. Their music is pop at heart and when the tempo picks up, it can get quite engaging. But rather than watch me try and fail at describing their music, have a listen for yourself and save me any further embarrassment.

Community Action – When even crude, early demos sound good, you can’t help but think this band has potential. Add to this a live show that’s equally promising and it’s time to invest. This song is a favourite of mine in both such forms.

Look There – This song was always going to be a hit in my books. From the way each instrument subtly enters, to the sincere, moving vocals and finally to the harmonious ‘ooo’ing. What more could one want?


Pix said...

i agree with you in the talents of this band.

but possibly i may fit into the undeserving many who have just jumped on of recent times.

i certainly love any sound that has a touch of bubblegum stuck to its shoe.

they pay tribute to an acceptable amount of joy division as well which never hurts.

Adi said...

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