Guilty Pleasures

**MP3s removed until I find out why the IFPI is complaining**

Considering this blog recently passed the 300,000 visitor milestone (!!!) and we're right in the middle of the Christmas/New Year period, I think it's appropriate to do some indulging. You know those songs that you put on, and love, but only you and friends appreciate them, because only you know the back-stories behind them? Well these are some of my songs. And the back-stories. Cause with all the serious music journalism I've been doing this year, it's about time I had a break.

Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy With It
Ah the Will Smith phase. This was entertaining. At one point we made plans to transform our living room into the 'Will Smith Room', plastering the walls with giant posters of this undeniably cool man. Sadly, the furthest we got was a newspaper clipping on someone's door, but it was all worth it for the utterly bemused looks and remarks of 'You mean you ACTUALLY like Will Smith?'

Toto - Africa
I missed out on Toto the first time round, but recently someone stumbled across this song and we had our own private revival. I think we liked it purely for its excess. With lyrics such as 'Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti', you know you're onto a winner. It's even better live, with drum cages, epic choruses and flashing lights. This song is the definition of spectacle. I especially love how the falsetto singer aged from a token 80's guy into a Hillsong preacher. Brilliant!

Custard - Love Measurer
Custard are without doubt a great Australian band. Anyone who doesn't agree is fooling themselves. But amongst all the hits, this song became a house favourite. The original reason was its rarity. The album it came from, Weisenheimer, couldn't be found on the internet or in shops. So when a live version was found, excitement followed. The signature riff evoked plenty of fist shaking and jumping about. Antics that went straight over the heads of everyone else who wasn't listening to it 5 times a day.

Frenzal Rhomb - You Can't Move Into My House
As I walked to Kings Cross one night and a friend began singing a song about missing a lung, I was reminded just how much I love Frenzal Rhomb. I'm not sure if its the pent-up energy, the simple song sturctures, the hilarious lyrics, or perhaps rebellious allure of excessive swearing, but something makes this band consistently awesome. I'll always remember a road trip to Melbourne, when one of their songs came on and the whole car spontaneously sung along. What ensued was an hour of non-stop Frenzal Rhomb, our voices wearing thin well before their list of hits.

The Real Tuesday Weld - Last Words

I present to you a single-listen blog. It's always a special occasion when you hear a song for the first time and instantly feel attached to it. The feeling is one of warmth and satisfaction, but also quiet anticipation of what more could await. It's a feeling that happens far too rarely for me, so I had share it while it lasted. Sadly though, the very nature of a 'single-listen' means I can't offer much in the way of description. However I do remember the chorus having some great vocals. They had power behind them, but at the same time were soft and reserved. Check it out for yourself so I can stop mucking around actually give it another listen.

Last Words

p.s. i can't say i'm the biggest fan of the band name...

Howling Bells - Into The Chaos

It's been well over a year since I've even thought of this band and then all of a sudden, BAM, this song comes on the radio. One round of the chanting opening riff and I was hooked. The slow, haunting vocals took over in the chorus and the Howling Bells memories came flooding back. It's been so long that all I can really remember about their last album is that it was good. With a second album on the way, the band couldn't have found a more perfect lead single than Into The Chaos. My attention is well and truly theirs.

Into The Chaos