You thought I was done? Well think again! As testimony to my obsessive nature, I had to make you sure you knew I also liked these bands. So get ready for another four days and 20 bands worth of Sydney music goodness. It took a lot of will power not to write a little blurb on each but thankfully common sense prevailed. These bands missed out for a hoard of reasons:

  • I'd already talked about them
  • They're 'technically' not from Sydney
  • I didn't know enough about them
  • I hadn't heard from them in a while
  • They were well-known enough without me
  • I wasn't 100% convinced of their worthiness
  • I forgot about them until it was too late
  • They're great, but just don't suit my tastes
  • Or perhaps they simply just missed the cut

But what's important is that there's some great music here and you may find something you love. So, I advise you should also have a listen to:

The Devoted Few - An Inch Ahead Of Your Time
Faker - Hurricane
Gelbison - Summer Of Love
Jack Ladder - Not Worth Waiting For
The Mares - Charleston
The Mess Hall - Disco 1
Morning After Girls - Run For Our Lives
Neon (Previously) - Friend
Peabody - The Weight Just Right
The Presets (Previously) - Are You The One?
Quater Acre - Casual vs Fulltimer
Sarah Blasko - Always Worth It
Silverchair (Previously) - The Greatest View
The Small Hours - Another Girl
Soft Tigers - Mr Ice Cream
Sparkadia - Up In The Air
Tokyo Blonde - Megalomaniac
Van She - Mission
The Vines (Previously) - Vision Valley
The Watt Riot - All Or Nothing

Looking back, I've realised there's absolutely no rationale behind some of my choices for talked-about artists. I like some of the bands listed here more than ones I talked about. It really makes no sense. So don't think a picture and blurb means one artist is better than the other. Get them all and see for yourself. Download each file, put them in a playlist and listen to the whole thing at least 5 times. I’m told all the songs go for about 2 hours total so that’s only 10 hours of your time that will be taken up. After doing so you should have worked out who your favourites are and will know exactly who to look for when out gigging or in a record store pondering.

FINISHED!! Finally I can return to my normal patterns of life, sleep would be nice too. Regular posts will resume on friday. Hooray


betty. said...

i am very glad about the inclusion of the morning after girls :)

Peter said...

ha, interesting story about them. I avoided them like the plague cause I thought the sounded like the spazzys. Just goes to show, names CAN be deceiving.

You Know Who I Am said...

Im glad for the Soft Tigers

Cam said...

Really liking the mares song, haven't really heard of them before. Anyone know how they are live or about more of their stuff?

Peter said...

you can listen to more of their music on either their webpage or myspace (just search "the mares" in google) though i should warn you that they are extremly up themselves (major down point). As for live, i'm not sure. Listening to their music, they sound like the kind of band that would go off, and yet a friend told me they were horrible. But I'll have to see for myself before i judge

gigjunkie said...

wow i dig the tokyo blonde track... what a find!! and the mares, i want to go see them...

Peter said...

I've got more word that the mares suck live....I was @ Newtown (literally) when the mares were playing but stayed downstairs in the RSL because someone went up and said it was boring....i really should have gone up, not only for the fact I'd paid but to see for myself, but who thinks sensibly in such circumstances!

foreignerfan said...

the mares are ok live