The Lovely Feathers - Hind Hind Legs

It’s been a long time, I know. I’ve been unbelievably busy with school and nights out but of course that’s no excuse. So despite having an exam tomorrow, I’ve decided to bring you some much-needed Lovely music. This band’s definite strength is their energy. Their music is very engaging and unlike many bands, they often manage to capture my complete attention. Excelling in energy means there is a heavy lean towards the fast-paced. Now recently I was accused of only liking such music and I must admit it’s partially true. I think music that’s more upbeat just has more room for success, meaning there’s a lot more quality fast songs. That said, if someone does manage to create a truly great slow-paced song, I will use it here, without a doubt. Of course this is just how it seems to be for me and of course, my opinion is not the only.

This album has really crept up on me. I took a leap of faith after hearing just one song and it quickly appeared to have some potential. However I didn’t think of it as spectacular and it took a back seat to other albums. Occasionally I would give it a listen and I began to really like a few of the songs. These songs just happened to be at the start of the album and I formed the opinion that it started great but then just faded to mediocrity. But the more I listened, the more I realised this was in no way the case. This album is without a weakness and is in fact solid throughout; a welcome addition to any collection

In The Valley – I discovered this band solely thanks to music blogs and hopefully this means they will warmly welcomed by yourselves. This is the song that I first heard and which prompted me to investigate further. While I probably would no longer place it in the top two songs, I thought it was fitting to use it here due to its attention capturing ability

Frantic – When discovering music, I often work backwards in a sense. I’ll be reading a review where mention is made of a previous record by the same band and I will go out and check out that album instead simply because it got a positive mention. Something very similar happened with this song. I was reading about how someone had overlooked a different song on the album due to paying too much attention to this song. I wasn’t interested in the song he’d overlooked but went straight to this song to see why he been so enthralled by it. Now I too am obsessed.


melanie/stalker said...

hey peter man, i swear i'm not stalking you! if i really wanted to stalk you i'd be outside you're window right now - i haven't forgotten how to get to the oaks ah ha!

Anonymous said...

Aslong as you stay at the window... the closets full with perverted people already. like me. yeah. me.

the accuser said...

strings in 'in the valley' are pleasant
i think the guy's vocals are too comical to be any good though... esp in frantic
i'm agreeing with your energy comment but there's hardly any new ideas in this group i don't think
i've only commented negative things i just realised. im going to say something great about the presets now