5. Old Man River

When I heard this song on the radio I wanted to hear more. That was until I discovered it was by Ohad Rein, a musician who goes by the name of Old Man River. For some reason, the idea of a solo artist had turned me off. Why this is I do not know. With backing musicians or layered recordings they can achieve anything a full-blown band could. It must just be a personal phobia of mine. Thankfully however I eventually got around to investigating him and found that he made some incredible music. The moral of this story is that solo artists are cool. Ok? There is an inherent beauty in all of Old Man River’s music. His voice is so crisp and the instruments so clean that he is simply a pleasure to listen to. He almost reminds me of The Beatles (big call!), both in the joy he brings and the way it appears he can do no wrong. His main devices are his voice and acoustic guitar, but he also incorporates a number of other sounds, which help to keep things interesting. I highly recommend you also check out the song ‘sunshine’ which you very likely have already heard and loved.

Old Man River - Trousers

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