Dappled Cities - The Price

It begins. In just a few months, Dappled Cities will release their 3rd album, Zounds, and if past experiences are anything to go by, it should be totally freakin' amazing. I’ll save my schoolgirl swooning for the actual release, but let’s just say I’m excited. Yesterday the band unveiled the first single off the album, The Price. I’ve been drawn to this song from the moment I first heard it in a sound check. That was a full 12 months ago and since then it’s undergone plenty of transformations, evolving to become the track we hear today. This refinement becomes noticeable when you put on a pair of decent headphones and give it a proper listen. It’s a mix of intensity and intrigue. On one hand you’re getting attacked by thumping drum fills and sweeping keyboards, but at the same time discovering buried riffs and extra layers. It’s exhilarating without being overwhelming. This mix of subtlety and dynamism has always been Dappled’s trademark, but with more experience and an unprecedented level of production, expect big things from Zounds. In their own words, it's "the album we’ve always wanted to make".

The Price

Head to the Dappled Cities Website and download the full single package, which includes a b-side and two experimental film clips. And of course, don’t forget to check out the Alphabeats clips hehe.