16. La Huva

To put it simply, without myspace, La Huva wouldn’t have been here. I’d been looking for their music for so long that I couldn’t even remember why. But nowhere would allow me to hear them without paying something. That is, until I found their myspace. Here my hunger was satisfied and my ears treated as they actually make some wonderful music. For some reason I had this vision of La Huva as an old band, but well that shows you how little I know because as it turns out, they’re latest offering, Midnight Black and White, is only their second. If you like the song I’ve got here for sampling then you’ll most likely enjoy this album, because going by what I’ve heard so far, both musically and critically, they are indeed a great band. They’re music is a form of indie pop and is produced in a number of weird and wonderful ways (such as the incorporation of organs). The end result is a well-polished sound that’s incredibly pleasant to listen to and catchy to boot. The song I've chosen is a jumpy little piece, though the quality may be a little off, seeing as I had to record it off myspace

La Huva - Ambassador Of Love


kone said...

Have to say you've opened my eyes and i'm really really getting into this song. Job well done

Peter said...

Truth is, doing this has opened my own eyes. A few of these bands, including this one, I knew next to nothing about just last month. You'd be surprised how much great music you can find if you just put the effort in. But thanks for the thanks, it's much appreciated