12. The Paper Scissors

While paper scissors may not be the most practical appliance around, as a band, they have versatility written all over them. Each song comes on with a burst and has it’s own fresh sound. And I don’t just say this to fill time; the songs off their debut EP literally bear almost no resemblance to one another. Their music is definitely strange, eccentric even, as percussion sounds unsystematically and guitars and vocals shoot off in unforseen directions. It’s actually quite impressive that somehow they manage to pull all this together into solid song structures. But perhaps they’re greatest feature is they’re a heap of fun to dance to. If you walked into a pub, looking for some live entertainment, The Paper Scissors would be the ideal band to catch. But of course such an event won’t happen for much longer as they’re gradually climbing the ladder, playing with all the cool kids and generally making themselves known. Check their myspace for more great music and when they’re playing at a venue near you.

The Paper Scissors - We Don't Walk

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