Figurines - Skeleton

Listening to Figurines I am always very aware of the tempo. It ranges from ultra-fast to sparse and to all the betweens. As any listener would know, such tempo is measured by toe tapping and when listening to this album you’ll be doing plenty of it. The singer’s voice is yet another unique sound, the type that makes you wonder how odd they’d sound in normal conservation. As with most of the bands I feature, variation is plentiful here, something I very much value. Strangely enough I seem to pick up elements of country in many of their songs. But believe me, I would not be posting it here if it resembled any traditional country sound. Rather it seems to add a welcomed charm.

All Night – The second and third songs on this album, to which this is latter, were the first to catch my attention. Their erratic fast pace allowed them to drill hole directly into a soft part of my brain, where they remain to this day.

Ambush - It sure is a great feeling when you struggle to pick a song due to the sheer abundance of quality, rather than a lack of it. It contrast to the above, here I wanted to pick a slightly slower piece. A honourable mention goes to Race You, a powerful ballad oddly placed at track one which I’ve really warmed to. But in the end, the song you see here emerged winner, though many more equalled it.

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