4. Expatriate

Expatriate sure know how to make catchy music. Screeching guitars, haunting keys, thumping drums and smooth vocals are all combined in a way that’s bound to have an impact on you. It’s no wonder then that shortly after forming they were already being broadcast and playing shows across the nation. Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten the chance to see them live. Then again I’m not exactly sure I want to. On one hand I’ve heard they were positively excellent and on the other, ordinary, painful even. What puts me off I think is that Expatriate aren’t really your typical 3-piece band. They’ve shunted the bass player (though that’s becoming more common these days) and opt to create a lot of their sound through layering done in the mixing in the studio, possibly leading to a ‘push play on the ipod’ live show (though anyone who’s seen the presets knows this counts for nothing). I guess I’ll have to wait and see. But regardless of how their live show pans out, it can take nothing away from their recorded music. Their first EP showed signs of pure brilliance and with an album recorded and waiting to be released, we should all be anticipating their next move.

Expatriate (Previously) - Killer Kat

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