The Capes - Hello

THE CAPES - When somebody recommends you music that you gave to them in the first place, you know something’s wrong. But when you’re overwhelmed with loads of great music, the slip can be forgiven. Once my oversight was rectified, I gave The Capes’ new album Hello its deserved play-time and it was indeed worth the recommendation. In short it’s a diverse serving of energetic pop pieces filled with innovative guitar and keyboard riffs that sounds fresh to the very end.

Mexican Broads – Just listening to the first few seconds, you know you’re in for something good – SYNTH. Yes, The Capes actually have two keyboard players and this results in synth goodness throughout. The variety in this song is great. The guitars, keyboards and vocals all incorporate a number completely different sounds and on top of this, there’s a nice uplifting atmosphere.

Tightly Wound – Synths are not the only thing that make this band good. This song is an example of their more energetic, guitar centred music. Opening with not one but two complementary guitar riffs and then direct and catchy vocals it quickly launches into the even catchier chorus. The vocals here are more spread out and get progressively higher to great effect. The relatively small presence of the synth is more than made up for by the overlapping guitars. But most of all, who could forget the crafty backing vocals, some of the best hooting I’ve heard in a while


The King of Industrial said...

oh my eyes are opened now.
wonderful 2 songs

CraCking said...

I've never heard of you guys before!
Then I looked in orkut and I like it!
Great Job!

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