9. Gerling

Gerling seem to completely change direction with every record they release. They’re first two albums were largely house/electro music with voicing seemingly done by someone different each time creating the impression that they weren’t really an instrument-playing band. Along with the fact that they were never seen without their custom backpacks, I thought I knew who Gerling were. Well this image was shattered when I saw them live and they came out as a regular 3 piece band and started bashing out “punk music you could dance to” that everyone, myself included, loved. I later found the reason to be that on their third album, Bad Blood!!, they had completely altered their sound. Well on their fourth album they took this evolution even further creating a record that resembles traditional pop and rock sounds closer than any of their previous work. All in all, such action has allowed Gerling to continue sounding fresh as well as build up an impressive portfolio of great tunes across a broad range of genres. If you ever go to see Gerling live, I think the secret is to create your own fun. Standing out in the sun at the Big Day Out, they were horrible, but at The Metro, with giant beach balls bouncing around and a bit of dancing space, they were awesome.

Gerling (Previously) - Turning The Screws

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