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In recent times, Australian music blogging has flourished, to the point that we now represent almost 0.001% of the American equivalents. During this rise of the Aussie music blog, it has been encouraging to see that much support has been shown between the emerging players, support that I myself have benefited from. And so it is time for me to return the favour and tell you about some of the great Aussie music blogs that you may find interesting. But don’t think I’m doing this purely out of obligation; these are sites that I enjoy myself and genuinely recommend you check out. Plus, many of these sites offer something quite different to what I do and we all know a little variety is always good. Just promise you won’t abandon me for them. They are:

Regularly Visited

  • The Sandwich Club – This site is probably the most comprehensive Aussie music blog around. It even has its own monthly gig! These guys have a sense of humour, great tastes in music and never ending supply sandwich metaphors. They feature the best music from all over the world.
  • Who The Bloody Are They? – The site is purely devoted to the noble task of exposing great Australian talent and is a nice way to get to know some of our best. You hear about a new artist each day and are given audio streams to sample
  • Get Big, Little Kid – Another great little site offering interesting odds and ends. This includes news, band info, mp3s and gig guides.

Should Probably Visit More Often

Not Quite 'Music Blogs'

  • Boudist – Photos from a great Sydney photographer. Some are so good that I’ve used them here
  • Rocking Hoarse – A Sydney gig guide that offers comprehensive information on what’s happening around town.

If I’ve missed anyone out or made any mistakes, let me know and I’ll fix it. Enjoy!

Bishop Allen

I’ve talked about intimacy and closeness in bands before, but Bishop Allen perhaps do it best off all. Whenever I listen to their music I feel like they’re performing it directly to me (expensive headphones definitely help). It’s a weird effect for sure, but it gives you a warm feeling and makes each song sound uniquely special. But this is just one in a number of things that make these Brooklyn based band rather unorthodox. Firstly, they don’t stick to conventional song structures, rather doing whatever seems to sound good. It’s something that may turn off the purists but we will be welcomed by anyone looking for a fresh sound. But what’s even more out of the ordinary is that this year these crazy kids are releasing a 4-track EP each month. That’s 48 tracks in a year, an impressive feat for any band. But what’s surprising is that the quality hasn’t been (too) compromised. While many of the songs wouldn’t have made it to record under normal circumstances and occasionally sound rushed, not a month has gone by without a brilliant song being released. Hopefully they’ll release an album at the end of the year with a song from each month so the great material doesn’t get lost in this sea of excessive releases.

Busted Heart – This song is taken off their debut album, Charm School, the record that made me come to love them. I wanted to include this song because while I mentioned that they can be very intimate, I forgot to say how they can also be incredibly fun. I think this song sums up the point well.

The Same Fire – This song is simply beautiful. With music so clean and lyrics so heartfelt, it rises above its monthly counterparts. It was released on the August edition, which actually deviated from the formula, including a number of live tracks. I also highly recommend “The News From Your Bed” off the February EP

The Crayon Fields - Animal Bells

I bought this record to prepare myself for a gig I never went to. But despite the disappointment of missing this such gig, at least I managed to get something positive out of the whole experience. For this debut effort from Melbourne group The Crayon Fields is a treat. I laughed when I put it into iTunes and the genre came up as “children’s music”, but when you think about it, it’s not too far from the truth. While it may be a patronising and generalised description, it accurately captures the accessibility, catchiness, simplicity and overall joyfulness of their music. The sound they create is one you’ll either warm to or gawk at. It is generally a refrained sound, slow and soft, with vocals sounding like little more than a whisper. But this intimate sound flourishes as the vocal harmonies kick in keyboards run wild. And I simply could not write this without the mentioning the fact that they incorporate glockenspiels, triangles, maracas, hand claps and pretty much every possible ‘happy’ noise you can think of. Again, you’ll either love it or hate it.

Helicopters – For some reason this song was quick to stand out for me. Perhaps it was it’s slightly faster pace and my intrinsic like for such music. I’m in no way saying it goes off or anything, rather it just settles into a slightly more urgent rhythm while maintaining the familiar cool, collected and child-friendly sound I’ve come to love.

Living So Well – This song had to fight hard to make it here, just pipping “Impossible Things” at the post. It emerged victorious primarily for it’s vocal harmonies. Being such an integral part of their sound, it would just be wrong not to show them to you

Stars - Set Yourself On Fire

While one great voice is a plus for any band, two is clearly even better. This is especially so when you have one from each sex. For variety is a fickle art, all too often spoiled by mediocre secondary singers. Well I can safely tell you right here, right now, that Stars are band with two great singers, one male, one female and ample variety. Not only this but they have violins. Yes violins. It’s an increasingly popular trend of late but a welcome one nonetheless. Because when add this to the vocal work (and not mention electric guitars, keyboards and other cameo instruments) you have a recipe for great music. It is always pleasant, as you would have already guessed, the vocals ensure this, but perhaps they’re greatest material comes out when the tempo picks up. They lock into a rhythm and proceed to weave their magic. Stars are another of the excellent bands originating from Canada at the moment. In fact with three band members being part of the expansive indie-pop collective, Broken Social Scene, they are not just participating in this Canadian explosion but leading it. Sure, this album may have been released back in 2004 but it’s reasonably new to me and that’s all that counts. Besides, with the extremely high chance that some of you out there have never heard of Stars, there’s more than enough reason to be talking them up.

Reunion – On this track you will get to experience the female vocalist (Amy Millan) in all her glory. It’s just such an eloquent song, floating by seamlessly and bringing joy to all who welcome it.

What I’m Trying To Say – This song had to knock out their hit single (Ageless Beauty (check it out!)) in order to make it here today. But the variety of sounds it incorporates, especially the synthwork (is that a word?), makes it too good to pass by. Not only this but I’ve been singing it non-stop for the last few days, which must mean something.

Wolf & Cub - Vessels

Undoubtedly the first thing you’ll notice if you go to see Wolf & Cub live is that they have 2 drummers. It really is quite stupid when you think about it. I mean, surely having half your band on drums isn’t the most efficient way to allocate your resources. Especially when on record, ie this record, it isn’t especially noticeable (close attention will do the trick). But putting such sense aside, I must admit, it’s a pretty cool gimmick. Whilst on the topic of instruments, I should let you know that Wolf & Cub aren’t afraid to let them go alone, with at least two of the ten tracks being complete instrumentals. Normally such action would be seen in my eyes as mere procrastination and therefore undesirable, but somehow Wolf & Cub manage to get away with it. In fact I would say such procrastination is an integral part of their sound. The whole record seems to reflect the particular mood of the band at the time. For a great deal it feels like a relaxed jam, the guitars pick a sound and experiment for a while, vocals pop in and out with no great urgency and the drums just try to outdo each other with whatever comes to mind. But then all of sudden they’ll get a sudden burst of energy and all jump into action. The guitars settle into fast-paced rhythm, the vocals find their purpose and drummers justify their selection, providing direction and intensity. All these sounds gel together perfectly to create heart-racing music. Wolf & Cub hail from one of Australia’s ‘other’ capital cities, Adelaide, and with their debut album prove it is equally capable of producing the best.

This Mess – These two songs are the most likely ones that you’ve heardalready, but I included them regardless because to put it simply, they are the best. By best I mean best at getting you to like them, for the rest took quite a few listens before I’ve came to really appreciate the intricacies.

Steal Their Gold – While both these songs are the best examples of when the band snaps into action, this song is especially good at highlighting the intensity they reach. It’s also like two songs in one; first the radio-worthy piece and then the random instrumentation. Welcome to Wolf & Cub.

CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy

Never did I think I would be writing about this band. Surely some girl band from Brazil making a dirty blend of electronica and indie-rock could never be worthy of a mention. Despite finding their first single incredibly catchy, I thought it was nothing more than a novelty. Then again, Sub Pop, perhaps the only record label I respect (or care about) enough to take notice of, have snatched them up to share with the rest of the world, meaning they must have something going for them. So I eventually looked into their album, and actually found it to be quite enjoyable. Truth is, I don’t generally like electro music, but Cansei De Ser Sexy (CSS for short) seem to transcend this. Just like the first song I heard, this band is 100% novelty, but that’s what makes them so good. Right throughout it sounds like they’re having a ball and it definitely shows in their ridiculous lyrics and undeniably catchy beats. Any band whose name translates to “I’m tired of being sexy” or opens their album with the track “CSS Suxxx”, clearly doesn’t take themselves seriously. I highly recommend the album to anyone looking for a laugh or something to dance to. On the other hand, anyone who’s particular about the art of creating music should probably keep very clear of it.

Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above – Despite having way too many syllables for any track title, this is one catchy song. You may have guessed that this is the ‘first single’ I talked about earlier. It took a couple of listens to really sink in, but soon after I was moving about and forgetting what I was previously doing every time it came on.

Alcohol – This song is a prime example of everything this bands does best. It employs an instantly lovable yet easily forgettable tune, along with some utterly ridiculous lyrics (“am I a horse, am I on fire?”)

Sydney Music!!

If you previously thought I lacked the necessary local music for a Sydney music blog, think it no more. Over the next 10 days you will be hearing about 20 of the best Sydney bands (yes, that’s two every day). By no means is this a definitive guide to Sydney music scene but simply a snapshot (a comprehensive one at that) of what’s out there, waiting to be enjoyed. These are the bands you should go and see live. These are the bands whose records you should buy (not just because you CAN’T find them on the internet but because they deserve it). Here you will find descriptions of three-fold proportions, pictures for vision, text for knowledge and of course a sample mp3 so you can hear what they actually sound like. So without further ado, let me introduce:

  • Belles Will Ring
  • Bertie Blackman
  • Bridezilla
  • The Cops
  • D'arcy
  • Dappled Cities Fly
  • Expatriate
  • Gerling
  • Howling Bells
  • I [Love] Space
  • La Huva
  • Mercy Arms
  • Old Man River
  • The Paper Scissors
  • Pinky Tuscadero
  • Starky
  • Red Riders
  • The Valentinos
  • Wolfmother
  • Youth Group

    Plus more...
  • 20. Dappled Cities Fly

    Ah, what about better way to end a feature on Sydney music than with Dappled Cities Fly. Their quirky art rock has established them as one of Sydney’s favourite treasures. However they won’t be ours to treasure for long. Having already toured internationally and recorded they’re forthcoming album, Granddance, over in a town called Hollywood, in places such as the famed sunset studios, they are set to leave us in favour of a world that’s willing to pay them a lot more money. Now I’m going to assume you already know this band well, because to put it simply, you should. Their debut album was a breathe of fresh air in an often stagnant market and their live performances are always entertaining. They may not be everybody’s cup of tea but then again how could you resist clever pop music sung by not one, but two high-pitched vocalists? Originally I hoped to bring you some new material, maybe a demo or even something rare, but not only did I run out of time, the lure of A Smile was too great. But in doing so, I’d thought I’d add a twist and pick a song by Tim. Too often does the hipper, handsomer and slightly taller Dave steal the limelight, when in reality, Tim’s songs are of equal greatness and his on-stage antics integral to the band’s entertainment value. His signature jerking and heartfelt wailing bring as much energy to the show as Dave does ladies. But just as the band isn’t all Dave, it isn’t all Tim. It’s 4 great guys who epitomise what making music is all about, entertaining and having fun in the process.

    Dappled Cities Fly - As I Lay Dying

    19. Bertie Blackman

    Don’t just think that Bertie Blackman is here in order to fill my quota for female solo artists. Her music was good enough to catch my ear and make it here in its own right. Listening to her, images of a ‘rock chick’ come to mind; an image not often associated with a lone performer. But this can probably be attributed to the fact she isn’t your typical singer-songwriter. Rather than just the acoustic guitar, Bertie Blackman incorporates electric guitars and drums into her music, often to the point that her sound is indistinguishable from that of a regular band. But what’s strange is she doesn’t seem to be sure which direction she wishes to take; the raw, intimate sound of just herself or the richer sound of a fully-fledged band? Not only is this indecision seen between songs but often within the one piece. Personally I feel she goes better when she enlists the help of a backing band but in no way is this because of a need to hide her flaws. She possesses all the trademarks of an excellent solo artist, a strong yet seductive voice and a natural talent for producing music. Whatever direction she takes, she has the ability to succeed, but she probably needs to settle into a distinctive sound before she can really take off.

    Bertie Blackman - Favourite Jeans

    18. D'arcy

    I came onto this band thanks to the local radio station FBi. However, when I went to investigate further, I discovered that finding information on or music by D’Arcy is near impossible. In fact with no myspace and no visible press coverage, this little blurb could be the most comprehensive piece ever written on them. While that may be a slight exaggeration, I’d be safe to say that they don’t do much to promote themselves. Well thankfully my persistence paid off and I came across a gold mine in the form of their page on But when I listened to them, it sounded weird. I expected something upbeat and catchy but D’Arcy were soft and slow (melodic rock according to this page). They’re sound is very stripped back and minimal, compared to the fuller sound I had envisioned. I didn’t let this turn me off and in the end discovered that I actually like the calming, intimate sound of theirs. My misconception could have been due to the sheer time difference between hearing them on the radio and finding their mp3s or because the song FBi often play isn’t available for download. Who knows? All that matters is that the music they DO play is actually good. I’d tell you what they’ve been up to recently but as I mentioned, according to the internet, they don’t exist. I’m pretty sure they lost they’re bass player to The Vines but the latest situation on that is anybody’s guess. I probably shouldn’t have used them here because for all I know they could no longer exist. Then again, that’s half the fun of it; they represent the (deep) underground in Sydney music. I’m interested to hear from anyone who has any information on this relatively unknown yet highly promising band.

    D'arcy - Electric Lighting

    17. Red Riders

    Red Riders would have to be right up their with my favourite Sydney bands. Their two EP’s are incredibly promising and they’re live shows never disappoint. With an album due out any day now, you can understand that I’m just a tad excited. Having seen them live many times, I’ve already gotten a feel for what’s in stall and it sounds great. Their sound has definitely evolved over the years. Their early demos were sketchy to say the least and this was reflected in their first EP. While it too was also a bit rough on the edges, it began to allow their cleverly devised pop elements to shine through. They’re second EP completed the transition with a much cleaner and more polished sound. This collection of 5 great songs saw them reaching the perfect balance between pop and rock, it was indie music at it’s best. Only time will tell what direction they’ll take with latest offering, but the tracks they’ve played live hint at a move towards a dancier sound. What’s for sure is that however it sounds, it will be damn catchy. It’s the one thing they’ve always managed to do well and the secret behind their incredible success. When they play live, the atmosphere is infectious and you can’t help but have a great time. This song is the first single off the debut album, look out for a full review when it finally arrives.

    Red Riders (Previously 1, 2) - Slide In Next To Me

    16. La Huva

    To put it simply, without myspace, La Huva wouldn’t have been here. I’d been looking for their music for so long that I couldn’t even remember why. But nowhere would allow me to hear them without paying something. That is, until I found their myspace. Here my hunger was satisfied and my ears treated as they actually make some wonderful music. For some reason I had this vision of La Huva as an old band, but well that shows you how little I know because as it turns out, they’re latest offering, Midnight Black and White, is only their second. If you like the song I’ve got here for sampling then you’ll most likely enjoy this album, because going by what I’ve heard so far, both musically and critically, they are indeed a great band. They’re music is a form of indie pop and is produced in a number of weird and wonderful ways (such as the incorporation of organs). The end result is a well-polished sound that’s incredibly pleasant to listen to and catchy to boot. The song I've chosen is a jumpy little piece, though the quality may be a little off, seeing as I had to record it off myspace

    La Huva - Ambassador Of Love

    15. The Cops

    The Cops have brought me some of my most memorable live experiences. The best of these was at the Newtown festival, where while the musical attractions were bit thin, The Cops and Evermore were headlining. Not having heard much of The Cops I went to Evermore first but they were boring to say the least. The Cops on the other hand put on an awesome show to a relatively small crowd who all went crazy for them. The Cops formed in quite an interesting way. Now lead singer, Simon Carter, was mucking around writing songs in his basement (how typical) and when he played them to a friend, Rebecca Darwon (now bass player), she thought they were so great that they should start a band. And they did. Their debut album, ‘Stomp On Tripwires’, highlights their unique style of music, which to put it simply, is high-energy and slightly dirty rock music with a little bit of quirkiness. But the beauty of their music lies in the fact that the entire album gives off a sense of having fun, which allows them to explode when they hit the stage. While in recent times they may have disappeared from our consciousness they haven’t disappeared from existence. With their website proclaiming ‘Cops – Coming 2006’ we are about to hear from them a lot more both in terms of live shows and a brand new EP that’s on the horizon. The song I’ve picked isn’t the best ever made, perhaps not even the best on the album, but when it’s played live it goes off and that’s what The Cops are all about.

    The Cops - Be My Lover

    14. Pinky Tuscadero

    Pinky Tuscadero are part of a wave of fast paced, female-led rock bands that seem to be emerging worldwide. Joined internationally by acts such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs as well local bands such as Young and Restless, they are in our faces with their intense, chaotic music. Pinky Tuscadero, however, have put their stamp on the genre, adding a special blend of obscenity to the mix. The vocals are erratic at best, instrumentation obscure and unpredictable and when played at such speed, combine into one compelling listen. I’m yet to see them live, but with recordings like these, I can’t see how it could be anything but great. Originally I was planning on using the song ‘Priscilla’ (still recommended) but listening through their stuff, I just couldn’t ignore this one, as it summed up what I was saying so perfectly. It’s actually sung by a guy, indicating a welcome degree of diversity, but the female influence is still ever-present in the backing vocals.

    Pinky Tuscadero - Frank Sinatra

    13. Youth Group

    Originally I was just going to talk about Youth Group without having heard the latest album. Their previous work, particularly Skeleton Jar, meant they would make it here regardless. But just in case it was a flop, I thought I had better check it out. Even in the earliest stages of evaluation, I can already see that, as usual, they have delivered. For me, it is the dark and often gloomy vocals of lead singer, Toby Martin, that emerge as the driving force behind they’re sound. The majority of their songs are slow paced, allowing him to create calming, intimate music, especially when his singing is isolated. I find it ironic that it was on the back of Forever Young that they gained most of their recent success. Not only do they have many far better songs, but I also much prefer the original version of that song. Either way it’s good to see they’re reaching a wider audience because they deserve it. I’m yet to see them live but I’d expect it to be one of those gigs, perhaps with a bit of toe-tapping and singing along, where you generally just sit back and appreciate. This song is just the one I happen to be into at the moment, you should definitely check out the rest of the album if you get a chance.

    Youth Group - On A String

    12. The Paper Scissors

    While paper scissors may not be the most practical appliance around, as a band, they have versatility written all over them. Each song comes on with a burst and has it’s own fresh sound. And I don’t just say this to fill time; the songs off their debut EP literally bear almost no resemblance to one another. Their music is definitely strange, eccentric even, as percussion sounds unsystematically and guitars and vocals shoot off in unforseen directions. It’s actually quite impressive that somehow they manage to pull all this together into solid song structures. But perhaps they’re greatest feature is they’re a heap of fun to dance to. If you walked into a pub, looking for some live entertainment, The Paper Scissors would be the ideal band to catch. But of course such an event won’t happen for much longer as they’re gradually climbing the ladder, playing with all the cool kids and generally making themselves known. Check their myspace for more great music and when they’re playing at a venue near you.

    The Paper Scissors - We Don't Walk

    11. The Valentinos

    The latest debate seems to be whether bands such as The Valentinos are the puppets of some high profile, fashion-setting conglomerate or just a bunch of music-loving guys, trying to make it big. Well I haven’t the space to get into it here, but personally I give them the benefit of the doubt. Because as far I’m concerned, as long as they’re making great music, I couldn’t care less how they’re promoted or what their fans wear. For a while I’d known and liked The Valentinos thanks to early songs such ‘Man With The Gun’, but it was their latest single, ‘Rain’ which really got me hooked. It was after about the third time I’d heard it on the radio, that all of sudden I was struck by the beauty of the chorus. As anyone who reads here regularly will know, I have soft spot for high-pitched vocals and the effect is magnified by the crispness of the production. Seeing them live on the other hand, is a completely different experience. Gone are the perfect takes and studio isolation, the sound here comes out unpolished and raw. But thankfully what they lack in crispness they make up for in energy. The music draws you in and you find yourself moving about and singing along so that any imperfection is quickly lost in the moment. In other words, they deliver on both fronts; a much-undervalued virtue indeed. I had to fight hard for this mp3 so if you like it, do what I’m sure you do with everything else and buy it! (new EP available Sep 16th)

    The Valentinos - Rain

    10. Mercy Arms

    Clearly The Strokes are quite influential on me for it took just the mere mention that they’d chosen Mercy Arms to support them on their recent tour, to convince me to check them out. After a quick visit to their myspace and few repeat listens I discovered that they were indeed a wise choice. To put it simply, I love the songs they have available for listening, especially this one. Mercy Arms’ play upbeat, indie rock music, perhaps even coming under the banner of alternative, if that word is still being used. For me their most striking feature is the guitar work. Never have I noticed the rhythm and lead guitars complimenting each other so well. Couple this with a great voice, especially when hitting the higher notes, and you have yourself one impressive band. I keep missing them live but have faith that it would be an excellent experience. These guys are yet another band I’ve used here that are so new that they’re yet to release an EP. In fact, legend has it that the demos on myspace were recorded in their kitchen with just one microphone, so when you add to this the fact that I had to record the song as it streamed in order to bring you this mp3, it’s understandable that it isn’t the best quality. But thankfully it is good enough for you to hear and hopefully appreciate the beauty of their music.

    Mercy Arms - Half Right

    9. Gerling

    Gerling seem to completely change direction with every record they release. They’re first two albums were largely house/electro music with voicing seemingly done by someone different each time creating the impression that they weren’t really an instrument-playing band. Along with the fact that they were never seen without their custom backpacks, I thought I knew who Gerling were. Well this image was shattered when I saw them live and they came out as a regular 3 piece band and started bashing out “punk music you could dance to” that everyone, myself included, loved. I later found the reason to be that on their third album, Bad Blood!!, they had completely altered their sound. Well on their fourth album they took this evolution even further creating a record that resembles traditional pop and rock sounds closer than any of their previous work. All in all, such action has allowed Gerling to continue sounding fresh as well as build up an impressive portfolio of great tunes across a broad range of genres. If you ever go to see Gerling live, I think the secret is to create your own fun. Standing out in the sun at the Big Day Out, they were horrible, but at The Metro, with giant beach balls bouncing around and a bit of dancing space, they were awesome.

    Gerling (Previously) - Turning The Screws

    8. Wolfmother

    It’s kind of sad that Wolfmother have been tainted by their apparent mimicking of classic 70’s rock. I say tainted in the nicest possible way for it clearly hasn’t hindered their rise to fame. But it seems that so often their own talents are overlooked in favour of their influences. In fact these influences are so frequently mentioned that I felt the need to mention their over-mentioning, thus only contributing to it more. But what’s important here is that Wolfmother’s music is their own and it’s great. They play simple rock music and play it well. Lead singer, Andrew Stockdale has a great voice, creating an almost eerie sound and I’ve picked a slower song to highlight this. While I may have never reached the point of obsession with them, Wolfmother are one of the few bands that I’ve continued to like equally before and after their success. Watching thousands of passionate fans mosh wildly to their set at Big Day Out almost brought a tear to my eye; both because I was proud of how far they had gotten and because I wasn’t in there enjoying it with them.

    Wolfmother (Previously) - Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes

    7. Howling Bells

    I’m finding I’m using a lot more female led bands in this Sydney feature than I do usually. Not only does this indicate that Sydney has a wealth of female talent floating around but it quashes any suggestion that I have an inherent sexism in my music tastes. Howling Bells are interesting band for me. In the past I’ve liked bands with a slight country influence, but this band takes me one step closer to that dreaded genre. Thankfully I’ve managed to overcome such superficial worries and just concentrate on the fact that they make great music. Their music is a blend a country and rock sounds but their most distinguishing feature is their vocals, both lead and backing, which create an almost haunting feel. Song choice here was very difficult and I encourage you to check out the other contenders (Setting Sun, Low Happening) on their Myspace. Despite originating from Sydney, they only just scraped into qualification here. It was only after reinventing themselves on a two year trip to London that they became the band we see today. But they’re back now so I’ll happily claim them as our own.

    Howling Bells - Broken Bones

    6. I [Love] Space

    [Love] is a heart symbol. Visualise. Now while their name leans dangerously close to an emoticon, I’m willing to let it go because when you think about it, space really is pretty cool. I [Love] Space became really well known thanks to this song’s association with The OC. Sure, it was only used in promo ads here in Australia, but we all should realise the significance of just this. Now normally I’d be against any O.C. fraternisation on an ideological basis but again I’m willing to let it go because they make great music. Yes, that’s right, they are more than just one hit wonders. In fact, despite this song being good itself, I probably would have used another (The Kill) had I had the mp3 to give to you. Musically, they flout being described as ‘shoegazing’ though I think a better description would probably be ‘upbeat music sung with a depressive voice’, but in a good way of course.

    I [Love] Space - Birds Attack

    5. Old Man River

    When I heard this song on the radio I wanted to hear more. That was until I discovered it was by Ohad Rein, a musician who goes by the name of Old Man River. For some reason, the idea of a solo artist had turned me off. Why this is I do not know. With backing musicians or layered recordings they can achieve anything a full-blown band could. It must just be a personal phobia of mine. Thankfully however I eventually got around to investigating him and found that he made some incredible music. The moral of this story is that solo artists are cool. Ok? There is an inherent beauty in all of Old Man River’s music. His voice is so crisp and the instruments so clean that he is simply a pleasure to listen to. He almost reminds me of The Beatles (big call!), both in the joy he brings and the way it appears he can do no wrong. His main devices are his voice and acoustic guitar, but he also incorporates a number of other sounds, which help to keep things interesting. I highly recommend you also check out the song ‘sunshine’ which you very likely have already heard and loved.

    Old Man River - Trousers