Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites

Indie. Pop. Rock. Denmark. Psychodelic. High-pitched. Need I say more? There’s nothing I dislike more than having to read 500 words of a review just to try and work what the album sounds like. What’s worse is when you get to this point and find out it’s heavy-metal gothic screamo. A nuisance to say the least. Almost as bad as the couple of times I’ve gotten through entire review and ended up no closer to figuring out if I’d like the music or not. So while my reviews are hardly long enough for such problems to arise, I thought I would accommodate your insatiable demand for instant categorisation, especially as my anecdotes have been getting a bit out of hand lately. Listening through this album for just the first time, I knew I would be using it here. While the majority of it washed right past me (a perfectly normal occurrence), at certain moments it exploded into amazing musical bliss that caught me completely off guard. Whatever the word for the vocal equivalent of a riff is (so professional of me), Mew are incredibly good at it. When they get going, it really is a treat. It’s the kind of music you’ll be singing along to and then for days afterwards without a clue of what the words are. The noise created is just so awesome that it transcends the need for lyrics. I have since listened to the rest of the album and while it could be said that it drops off towards the end, it is great none the less, packed to the brim with creative music. If you don’t usually download these files, now might be the time to start. I encourage you to ignore my pretentious website title just for now, shut out the world and allow these songs to do what they do best, excite.

Apocalypso – I don’t think I could of picked a better song to demonstrate what I’ve just been talking about. When his voice comes in it really gets my heart racing. It could probably be considered one the heavier songs on the album, then again, the triangles kind of contradict that.

The Zookeeper’s Boy – I was tempted to offer you one of the more rounded songs for a bit of variation but that would mean missing out on arguably the best of those ‘bliss’ moments I mentioned earlier. It’s definitive proof that high-pitched vocals will win every time. I can’t help but spontaneously recreate the chorus to this song in all sorts of inappropriate places. It’s great


Anonymous said...

i agree this is everything you say it is
and thats some crazy album artwork

Anonymous said...

You really should take a look at the lyrics as well, they're ingenious!!!