The Tah-Dahs - Le Fun

I had this album for few weeks and had listened to it heaps. I liked it but still wasn’t sure whether it was worthy of featuring here. But just now I put it on and was blown away. I couldn’t believe how good it was. Something just clicked and now I absolutely love it. In fact, I was so moved by this particular listen that I immediately stopped what I was doing (procrastinating) in order to write these words. The Tah-Dahs, yet another band with a stupid name, create music with such a high level of energy that you’re simply overwhelmed. Then again, why didn’t I feel this on the first 5 listens? It just goes to show that music cannot be based on first listen, or even 5th for that matter. So when you get these songs (when, not if), don’t judge them straight away, but rather let them sink into your sub-conscience with the occasional listen and I guarantee you they will soon explode! Phew, got that out of the way. Secondly I have a message to all the well-tasted Australians (and VERY well-tasted foreigners). Does anyone else notice that the album cover is almost identical to Expatriate’s EP!? I wonder which came out first……I’m too lazy to find out. What’s even stranger is that both of the albums in question contain the word ‘le’. I feel it’s definitive proof that the French are weird.

Mix Tape = Love – Forget poetry or chocolates, what better way to show someone you care about them than to make a mix tape? While a bit of the love may have been lost with the transition to CDs, such as ensuring the songs stopped perfectly at the end of each side, the effort required to compress your entire musical tastes into just 90 minutes makes for some impressive sentiment. This song celebrates this fast fading past time, and in a fun and catchy manner no less.

Chix – This is one of the really intense songs I was talking about. While it follows an overall fast-paced rhythm, it darts off it unpredictable directions dragging you along with it. The music is played with a certain force behind it and the lyrics sung with genuine feeling, all making for a rather compelling listen.


me said...

looks a lot like expatriate aye?
also a lot like rene magritte's the lovers- done in 1928.

great artwork.

hey question:
does expatriate still have thier bass player dave? or has he left?

p.s like the red paintings?

Peter said...

Nah I'm pretty sure he's gone. Seems to me like the bass player is becoming obsolete......

The Red Paintings are a band I've heard and don't mind but really haven't listened to enough to get into. It's one of the down points of a world filled with so many great bands, some get left behind. So yes, thanks for reminding me, I'll do some re-listening soon. I'm currently on the verge of going on a massive EP splurge so they'll probably be included. They're Sydney right? I know they've done supporting gigs here but you never know.

Peter said...

I answer my own question......they are from Brisbane

Ian said...

You're a genius. Not for the self answering but just good work all round. Love the site

Peter said...

Hey thanks, someone appreciating what i do means alot to me. Clearly you have good tastes in music and thats great. You should add me to msn ( so we can talk further.

me said...

no so are the red paintings good?
i havn't heard any of their music i don't think.
My sister's friend is crazy about them. She's their head street something rather and always is trying to get us to go to their shows but we are the biggest procrastinators. Maybe one day.

hey are you in a band?
i mean someone who loves music as much as you do...?

Peter said...

i'm so confused...damn anonymous commenting and the fact that EVERYONE is named me......but anyway I'll try my best. The Red Paintings are just one of those bands which I really should listen to but don't get round to it. So yes, they are good and you should check them out. With my limited knowledge, they appear a bit radical and obscure but at the same time powerful. I think their name is meant to hint that each song is an artwork and I would agree to that. It's interesting that your sister's friend is involved with their street team. You should ask her (him) about how thy walked through the streets of major cities dressed as robots to promote they're new EP, which by the way will probably appear here as soon as i can get my hands on it.

Am I in a band? No (hence the lack of shameless promotion). Truth is i'm pretty musically untalented. I learnt piano as a kid but quit after year and my yr 10 guitar phase was shortlived. I must have just missed out cause my little brother is a really gifted pianist who also self-taught himself guitar in a matter of weeks. So until I get round to putting some effort into learning something I'll have to be content with simply critiquing others' talents

me said...

ahh yeah i've seen them dressed as robots in the streets.
i was going to look for the girly nicole to ask her what they were doing but i couldn't find her..perhaps she was dressed as a robot too.
i was gonna drag myself to see them at great escape.
couldn't be bothered.
i could ask her for their new ep. heck, im sure she'll be thrilled. it's just i've never expressed any interest in the band.

ha piano and guitar..the only 2 instruments kids ever try.
i play guitar but i'm quite bad at it. i play classical guitar. yes. it's not as bad as it sounds.

Peter said...

ah great escape.....was truly the most lacking festival EVER. I went for Silverchair and Sigur Ros, both of whom were great but apart from Wolf & Cub no one impressed me. I'm disappointed that it slipped my mind to see The Red Paintings. You should ask her to give me an EP too. That way I get free music and they get free (almost) publicity.

There's instruments other than guitar and piano!?

Anonymous said...

i love wolf and cub!
i only have one of their ep's but.
i really like the fact that they use two drum sets instead of one.

yeah it wasn't that good.
i remember i didn't even go on the 2nd and 3rd day because i couldn't bother.
sigur ros were fantastic though! silverchair were alright.
i'm currently trying to get van she's new ep.
i have another friend who does their merch sometimes and he knows the guys, but he's been a tough nut and wants me to buy it. i want a copy. i'm quite cheap.

yeah i know there are other instruments than the guitar and piano but that's all today's society every want to learn.

Peter said...

Yeah Wolf & Cub's double drums are pretty impressive. They sounded good at Great Escape but then finished 20 minutes early......I've got their first they have another?

Sigur Ros blew me away. I had they're music and thought it was alright but live they were completely different. The silhouettes, the lights, the crazy drummer, the multi-instrument guy, they violin-style guitar playing, THE VOICE, it was unbelievably intense. The only problem was it was on a slope which did no good for my back but that didn't stop me applauding non-stop for the encore. Up there with the best gigs of my life.

Tell that merch guy that if he doesn't give you their cd, it will mean you won't fall in love with them, won't go to all their gigs, won't tell all your friends about them, won't buy their future albums and will end up robbing them of far more revenue then the measly $10 of an EP. After all, it could well be true.

me said...

i'm pretty sure they have 2, my sister went to buy them but didn't have enough money so she chose one.
Sigur ros almost made me cry. they were great.
Nicole(red paintings girl) was telling us that they did EXACTLY the same songs in the same order at their enmore gig and that she and another guy ended up crying during the show.
Yes very emotional.
Man, they had me in a trance.
i took this nice picture of the drummer and the light just came from behind him and created this nice silhouette. ahh i fell in love with them that night.

ahaha, yeah i'm trying my hardest to get him to give it to far he's sent me one song.

you going to splendour?
i almost committed suicide when i didn't have enought money to buy a ticket.
actually don't tell me you are, i will just get depressed.

Peter said...

Yeah I had friends who went to that Enmore gig and said it was amazing. I just didn't expect them to go to so much effort at a festival which is one of the reasons i respect them so much.

noooope no splendour for me. not only are the tickets a bit steep but when you include travel, accomadation and food, it gets way too much. And even if i did decide to make the investment, none of my friends were equally prepared. Awesome line up though. Hopefully BDO can outdo it.

me said...

ahh yeah but my friend offered to drive me there and sleep in his car.
he's a roadie for expatriate so he had to go anyways.
where are you from anyways?
i never read anything.
i just saw aussie music yeah free.

Peter said...

the more important question is where are YOU from? Or better, who ARE you? Or better still, why are we having this conversation in the comments page for the Tah-Dahs? Oh well at least it makes it look like my site is more popular.

If you'd taken the time to check, you would have noticed i was stupid to put my entire address on the main page (i'm too lazt ro get round to changing that) so anyone feel free to send me an old fashioned letter. So yeah, I live in The Oaks which is on the outskirts of Sydney, in fact half an hour drive from campbelltown. Not only is it in a horrible location, but its a pretty horrible place as well (much offense meant to anyone else living in The Oaks). I plan on leaving ASAP.

By the way thanks for all this mindless banter, it really is quite interesting. But seriously man (woman?), write me an email, add me to msn, send me a letter!! Otherwise i think this page might explode from overuse. On top of that, it's probably getting on the nerves of the two other readers. Haha nah stuff them.

Frank Sinatra said...

hey... i got a mention... thats a quarter of a century worth of comments.. im now fully updated
do sigur ros blow everyones mind?...they arent even australian they still blow mine

Peter said...

"they aren't even Australian".....................I hate to be unpatriotic but you may notice that a good deal of the mind-blowing bands aren't Australian

me said...

yeah KOL. they were raw.
loved it.

Peter said...

If you think this conversion has gotten WAY off topic, you should have seen it before i deleted 9 of the comments. They went off on tangents within tangents and were just TOO excessively irrelevant. So hence there is no longer a 'quarter of a century of comments' but still a ridiculous amount. Feel free to help us re-reach the momentous 25 post mark...

By KOL I assume you mean you Kings of Leon...I've seen them twice but in effect never. 1st time i was too exhausted and had to go sit down (i was yet to discover how good they were) and second time i watched them from a distance which as im sure anyone will agree, just isn't the same