11. The Valentinos

The latest debate seems to be whether bands such as The Valentinos are the puppets of some high profile, fashion-setting conglomerate or just a bunch of music-loving guys, trying to make it big. Well I haven’t the space to get into it here, but personally I give them the benefit of the doubt. Because as far I’m concerned, as long as they’re making great music, I couldn’t care less how they’re promoted or what their fans wear. For a while I’d known and liked The Valentinos thanks to early songs such ‘Man With The Gun’, but it was their latest single, ‘Rain’ which really got me hooked. It was after about the third time I’d heard it on the radio, that all of sudden I was struck by the beauty of the chorus. As anyone who reads here regularly will know, I have soft spot for high-pitched vocals and the effect is magnified by the crispness of the production. Seeing them live on the other hand, is a completely different experience. Gone are the perfect takes and studio isolation, the sound here comes out unpolished and raw. But thankfully what they lack in crispness they make up for in energy. The music draws you in and you find yourself moving about and singing along so that any imperfection is quickly lost in the moment. In other words, they deliver on both fronts; a much-undervalued virtue indeed. I had to fight hard for this mp3 so if you like it, do what I’m sure you do with everything else and buy it! (new EP available Sep 16th)

The Valentinos - Rain

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Jessie said...

Hey, I've been trying to find this song everywhere, whether to purchase it or simply download, but it's impossible to find! Would you possibly be willing to re-upload this? I'd really appreciate it!