Die! Die! Die!

With a name like Die! Die! Die!, you would be forgiven for thinking you’d be hit with a heavy metal barrage when you pressed play. That is off course unless you saw the picture above and dismissed them as a bunch of harmless kids. Well as it turns out, they’re somewhere in the middle. You definitely are confronted with a mass of noise when they start playing but it is never too much and always guided by a clever, underlying melody. And while they may just be young, these guys are serious about making music. Forming in just 2003, they have thrust themselves upon the world with a seemingly non-stop touring schedule and emerged with a global fanbase. Hailing from New Zealand, we have naturally claimed them as our own and I’m sure when they return to our shores, Australian audiences will be rocking out to them just as hard as any. I haven’t seem them myself, so can’t talk from experience, but you can bet it will be loud and it will be intense.

Nine Yeah Nine – This would probably be their most known song, coming off their self-titled debut album, which they recorded whilst in the USA. It features some haunting high-pitched guitars.

155 – This song comes off their latest EP and proves that they're going forward creatively. It contains much of their trademark sound, including powerful drumming and yelping vocals

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