Maritime - We, The Vehicles

Maritime - I find it hard to find the right words with which to describe Maritime. Perhaps the name of the first track is supposed to give me a clue, calm. This is indeed true; for the most part, this album remains at a fairly low intensity. But what you do get is an album filled with pleasant music. Each song is well crafted and flows well into the next. The version I got actually contains two bonus tracks, which I encourage you to look out for. Before You Were Born, one of these tracks is a favourite of mine though I figured I should stick to standard album content here.

Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts – This is one of the more up-beat songs on the album, its consistent tempo being nicely surrounded by a mix of vocal and musical variations. I’ve picked it because it does well to sum-up Maritime’s style

Twins – A good indication of what the best songs on an album are, is which you find yourself singing the most. While this song was not an obvious stand-out, I found myself repeatedly reciting it and made me realise how much I liked it.

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Anonymous said...

Dunno if it would be possible, but do you think you could post the 2 bonus tracks for this record? I can't seem to find them anywhere, and can't really justify the $40+ price tag that I've seen for the Japanese version of the record.