The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love

When I think back to The Rapture’s first album, I think weird. Sure there were the dancy tracks, but they felt more like fillers, while the obscure, indie-rock songs led the way. Well on their latest album the dance tracks rule supreme and while it’s a fairly significant shift, I actually don’t mind it. The clear and constant mood throughout this album is quite simply, fun. I think the film clip to the lead single “Get Myself Into It” summed this up perfectly. Synchronised dancing on roller-skates is by far the most appropriate way to listen to this album. In fact it’s pretty much guaranteed to get you moving, even if you’re sitting down, you’ll be flailing your elbows around in no time. Sticking to the idea of fun, I think this album very closely follows the pattern of a party. It opens with unrestricted energy, with this hyperactive state continuing for quite a few tracks. But then towards the end the tempo starts to drop, perhaps out of exhaustion and it settles into a slower rhythm, fully aware that the end is near. Then comes the final track, the mellowest of all, signalling to everyone that it’s all over and time to go home. These later songs are still good in they’re own right, they just don’t posses the upbeat bounciness that may draw many to the album. Many of you may be disappointed at their move towards a safer, more mainstream sound, but if you loved the first album for it’s dance tracks or you’re simply looking for something to move to, you will more than likely enjoy this album.

Don Gon Do It – This is such a perfect opening to track to get you in the right mood. It’s great to dance to and doesn’t get repetitive like so many other dance songs.

Down For So Long – There’s easily better songs than this but since these reviews are designed to be informative rather than the usual persuasive, I thought I’d offer you a later track so you could get a feel for the whole album

PreviouslySister Saviour – This is an example of how their dance elements used to be a lot subtler, infused with a rocky, abstract sound. I really liked this old sound but at the same time enjoy the new stuff so I guess fans of Echoes could go either way


kone said...

Absolutely adore their new album, can't remember the old one too well but i do know that i liked. Its true you can't help but dance to the tracks on this one. Not to sure if i'd call it a maintstream sound just good, exciting fun if anything.

Peter said...

Yeah it's pretty damn catchy and it almost wins on the album art alone! What I meant by my comment was that compared to their last album, it is a much 'more' mainstream sound. I'd agree that it's not exactly mainstream but then again it's probably gonna receive alot of attention from the mainstream music media so who knows?

kone said...

thats good because its good, but i think your prediction will be incorrect. but thats jsut my opinion as it is yours

Peter said...

I'm pretty sure I understand what you mean there....Actually now that I think about it, I too disagree with me. I was kinda going on the fact that i'd seen 'Get Myself Into It' on the tv a few times but that was probably on rage or jtv which is hardly mainstream. Plus the other songs most likely won't receive the same degree of attention. BUT, i still maintain that it's more mainstream than Echoes.