6. I [Love] Space

[Love] is a heart symbol. Visualise. Now while their name leans dangerously close to an emoticon, I’m willing to let it go because when you think about it, space really is pretty cool. I [Love] Space became really well known thanks to this song’s association with The OC. Sure, it was only used in promo ads here in Australia, but we all should realise the significance of just this. Now normally I’d be against any O.C. fraternisation on an ideological basis but again I’m willing to let it go because they make great music. Yes, that’s right, they are more than just one hit wonders. In fact, despite this song being good itself, I probably would have used another (The Kill) had I had the mp3 to give to you. Musically, they flout being described as ‘shoegazing’ though I think a better description would probably be ‘upbeat music sung with a depressive voice’, but in a good way of course.

I [Love] Space - Birds Attack

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