Jet - Shine On

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the new Jet album isn’t that bad. It’s a shame that I find this surprising because I used to be quite a big fan of Jet. Their performance at Big Day Out 2004 was a favourite and even today it’s hard to deny that their first album was pretty impressive. But like so many others, I turned against them due to either the direction they took or the nature of their newfound fans. I expected and almost hoped that their second record would be a failure. I put down the 4-year gap between albums as a sign of incompetency, that they were struggling to repeat the process of writing good material. Well the album has finally arrived and I can happily admit that I was (to an extent) wrong. Shine On definitely isn’t as good as Get Born. It doesn’t have the massive tracks that will shoot it to the top. But it is full of quality music and more importantly variety. They haven’t just re-hashed the one riff that worked three times on their first album; this is fresh new music. If you liked their first album you will most likely enjoy this. For while their sound may have matured slightly, their overall style remains largely unchanged. You will still find the powerful, upbeat rock songs and the characteristic stripped back ballads that made them famous. This isn’t the brilliant album that many hoped for, but at least it isn’t the dud that many more expected.

Rip It Up – This song is an energetic little piece that’s a great example of their fresh new sound. I really enjoy the chorus, which is why I just couldn’t go past it here

Bring it On Back – This song carries all the hallmarks of a slower Jet song. It occasionally feels like it’s going to get big but then at the last minute pulls back. The guitars are also restrained allowing you to focus on Nic’s great vocals.

PreviouslyRollover D.J. – The music to this song may sound suspiciously close to a number of others on the album but that doesn’t stop it from being catchy and great to dance to. I also enjoy this song for its simple but suggestive lyrics.

Now that you’ve read an amateur review, click here for the professional opinion.


The Riverboat Captain said...

I'm with Pitchfork on this one. Bon Scott is turning in his grave.

Peter said...

Yeah I'm sure there's plenty of people that will feel the same way as you. I'd give my own opinion but then i'd just be repeating myself.

That pitchfork review really does put any serious attempts at evaluation to shame. I actually liked the record, yet I found their review hilarious

The Riverboat Captain said...

I'd have appreciated it more if they'd just panned the album and said why they didn't like it.. anyway, Pitchfork like The Pipettes so what do they know about music! :-)

Anonymous said...

jet is a melb band not sydney!! they didn't turn jet's old stomping ground 'the duke of windsor' into a pizza shop for you to create a whole new history for them up in sydney.

Peter said...

ha, since when does listing them in the wrong category constitute creating a whole new history? but yes, they are melbournian. right you are.

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