Little Birdy

I definitely would not call myself a Little Birdy fan. I have their debut album, ‘Bigbiglove’, but it isn’t something I listen to regularly. But whenever I put it on, it’s hard to deny that it isn’t great. This is largely due to the vocals of front woman, Katy Steele, which define their sound. It’s hard to describe her voice, seductive? luscious? sweet? either way, it’s very special. It really is no surprise, considering she is the sister of the freak/genius, Luke Steele (The Sleepy Jackson). The band supports these vocals very well and their overall sound comes across as clean and well produced. All these factors make the thought of seeing Little Birdy quite enticing. The fact that a very fine looking Katy will be dancing around on stage, telling me to come on (you’ll see), is completely irrelevant, I swear.

Come On Little Heartbreaker – This is the perfect song to sample her incredible voice. It showcases a wide variety of frequencies and styles, all combined quite beautifully

Come On Come On – This is the only song I’ve heard off their second and latest album, ‘Hollywood’, and I like what I hear. It does however feel like some of the sound was ‘borrowed’ from somebody else (Dandy Warhols?)


Anonymous said...

The mp3s aren't of the whole songs! The songs cut off almost halfway through.

Anonymous said...

i hate katy's new fringe
it's the worst thing that could have happened to her

Tilly said...

i love little birdy, they would have to be one of my favourite bands at the moment.
i've only got the cd big love but i really want to get hollywood.
though i find it hard to listen to the whole album at once. katy's voice gets a little bit annoying.

Adi said...

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