Whiskey Go Gos

And now for another hot tip. The more I listen to Whiskey Go Gos, the more I come to love them. Their sound is primarily southern rock and fans of Kings of Leon will find it instantly recognisable. But to this they add elements of blues and a small country twang, both of which help to really define their sound. The band is built around lead singer Matt Hutchinson and it is through him that they really shine. All the songs I’ve heard so far are of the highest quality, clever compositions that are rich in variety and always engaging. Not only this but they are sung with such vigour, straight from the heart, as Matt’s rough vocals cut straight through you. It really is such a shame that they have been scheduled to play at the same time as other big name bands because they won’t receive anywhere near the attention they deserve. It is especially sad because reading reviews and listening to them, they sound like a band that would be great to watch live. I get the feeling I’ll be overcoming all other urges and going to see this very talented band.

2 Cent Girl – This song especially reminds me of Kings of Leon in terms of both sound and rhythm. It is a nicely rounded song because while it is clearly telling a story it is also great to just rock out to.

Rodeo – Again, this song portrays so much emotion and yet it still gets me moving. Either these guys make some incredible music or I’ve discovered a secret love for southern rock. I’m hoping it’s the former.

You can find more (and full) mp3s on their myspace


Anonymous said...

One of the truly worst live bands I have ever seen. Homebake? Jeez

Anonymous said...

One of the truly best live bands I have ever seen. They rocked!!!

gloz said...

I just came back from watching them play at the Hoey..... ^_^
They were amazingly great!