Splendour In The Grass 2010 Lineup Announced

What's this? A stupid amount of awesome bands at the same festival? Am I dreaming? Am I in America? How on Earth am I supposed to manage my time if I can't count the good bands on one hand? WHEN WILL I FIT IN MY NAPS???

Let's face it, Australia has a pretty pathetic record when it comes to festivals. Throw us a couple of big names and we're salivating. But today, Splendour in the Grass have announced a truly amazing lineup. It's one of those lineups you see overseas and get really depressed about. It's one of those lineups that belong only in the deepest depths of your imagination. I'm actually struggling to comprehend it. Every time I look at that list above, I notice another band that at any other festival, would be worth the ticket price. Yet here they are, on the same damn bill. Woah.

Well done Splendour. Now, where did I put my mind.....