Valentines Day

Hopefully everybody reads this in time because you would be terribly upset if you did something wasteful tomorrow, like have a romantic picnic, when there was so much good music on offer. After all who doesn't love music?

The Alandale All Stars play Holiday Road

This is a concept born heaven: a group of Sydney's funniest musicians have gotten together, formed a cover band and play for free on Saturday afternoons. The super line-up consists of Jake Stone and Jerry from Bluejuice, Lindsey from Frenzal Rhomb, the Drummer from Mess Hall, Cameron Bruce (that awesome keyboard guy from everywhere) and Andy Kelly (founder of Ivy Leagure Records). It is a truly deadly combination. They dress like idiots, dance around and produce hilarious banter from every corner of the stage. Not only that, but they play awesome songs from Bruce Springsteen to Steely Dan. I was lucky enough to catch their first show and it was incredible. So much fun.

When: 2pm
Where: The Annandale Hotel

The Devoted Few
I am proud to announce that The Devoted Few's new album 'Baby, You're A Vampire' is finally coming out! It's been a long wait but it was definitely worth it. This is easily one of my favourite local albums so I would definitely recommend picking it up. Not only that, but they'll be celebrating the release with an in-store at the Sydney Apple Store. If you've ever had a desire to see a gig in a glass cube, now is your chance. The fact that The Devoted Few are an awesome live band is just a bonus. Definitely try and make it to this.

When: 4pm
Where: The Apple Store, 367 George St
Listen: Trigger Fingers

There's also pleeeeeeenty of music happening in the night so grab your nearest street press and get intimate!

Laneway Wrapup

Wow the day went fast. I was bouncing from stage to stage, enjoying my day, when all of a sudden Architecture in Helsinki began playing. The day had disappeared from underneath me! But I think all in all it was another satisfying Laneway experience. I still maintain that even though it has modest (but still awesome) lineups, it succeeds because the secondary factors (layout, organisation, crowd, atmosphere etc.) are great, allowing the music to flourish. Highlights included:

Crazy antics from Still Flyin

More than 10 people, crammed on a small stage. Some of whom are there purely to dance. At least 3 men in short shorts. One in a jump suit. All there to play jazzed up party music. Sadly, I only got to see the first 3 songs, but I certainly caught the fever. For Sydney people, they are playing with Cuthbert & The Night Walkers at The Annandale tomorrow (Tuesday). I'm sensing a very fun night.

MP3: Good Thing It's A Ghost Town Around Here

Rocking out to Jay Reatard

These guys don't muck around. When one song ends, Jay yells the name of the next, and they launch straight in. It's perfect for a band that plays short fast punk. The songs always have great melodies and occassionally some lyrics to match, but best of all, these guys know how to shred on stage.

Discovering The Hold Steady

Ok, so discovering is probably misleading because I know this band pretty well. But until last night, I never really thought much of them. The singing style sort of made every song sound similar and it got a little annoying. But seeing them perform live, seeing them play with such conviction, it all made sense. Their songs are about storytelling. And the best way to get a message across to the audience is to yell every word right at them. It was a powerful set and certainly worthy of the headline slot.

The only real disappointments stemmed from my own physical limitations. I can only be in one place at a time and I can't teleport. But I'm learning to deal with these. All in all it was a great day. I'll be back next year.