CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy

Never did I think I would be writing about this band. Surely some girl band from Brazil making a dirty blend of electronica and indie-rock could never be worthy of a mention. Despite finding their first single incredibly catchy, I thought it was nothing more than a novelty. Then again, Sub Pop, perhaps the only record label I respect (or care about) enough to take notice of, have snatched them up to share with the rest of the world, meaning they must have something going for them. So I eventually looked into their album, and actually found it to be quite enjoyable. Truth is, I don’t generally like electro music, but Cansei De Ser Sexy (CSS for short) seem to transcend this. Just like the first song I heard, this band is 100% novelty, but that’s what makes them so good. Right throughout it sounds like they’re having a ball and it definitely shows in their ridiculous lyrics and undeniably catchy beats. Any band whose name translates to “I’m tired of being sexy” or opens their album with the track “CSS Suxxx”, clearly doesn’t take themselves seriously. I highly recommend the album to anyone looking for a laugh or something to dance to. On the other hand, anyone who’s particular about the art of creating music should probably keep very clear of it.

Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above – Despite having way too many syllables for any track title, this is one catchy song. You may have guessed that this is the ‘first single’ I talked about earlier. It took a couple of listens to really sink in, but soon after I was moving about and forgetting what I was previously doing every time it came on.

Alcohol – This song is a prime example of everything this bands does best. It employs an instantly lovable yet easily forgettable tune, along with some utterly ridiculous lyrics (“am I a horse, am I on fire?”)

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Pix said...

mmm... at first i didnt agree with your CSS assessment but on second thought tis quite true

they dont take emselves seriously but in the hottest kind of way!

bring on CSS in oz 07!