19. Bertie Blackman

Don’t just think that Bertie Blackman is here in order to fill my quota for female solo artists. Her music was good enough to catch my ear and make it here in its own right. Listening to her, images of a ‘rock chick’ come to mind; an image not often associated with a lone performer. But this can probably be attributed to the fact she isn’t your typical singer-songwriter. Rather than just the acoustic guitar, Bertie Blackman incorporates electric guitars and drums into her music, often to the point that her sound is indistinguishable from that of a regular band. But what’s strange is she doesn’t seem to be sure which direction she wishes to take; the raw, intimate sound of just herself or the richer sound of a fully-fledged band? Not only is this indecision seen between songs but often within the one piece. Personally I feel she goes better when she enlists the help of a backing band but in no way is this because of a need to hide her flaws. She possesses all the trademarks of an excellent solo artist, a strong yet seductive voice and a natural talent for producing music. Whatever direction she takes, she has the ability to succeed, but she probably needs to settle into a distinctive sound before she can really take off.

Bertie Blackman - Favourite Jeans


ryk said...

I saw Bertie play on the recent tour with Bob Evans. The band is killer! New songs sound great, can't wait to get the new album.
The blew poor ole Bob off the stage!

Anonymous said...

Go buy her album from iTunes now, if not the whole thing, at least 'Hold Me Close'. I saw her a year back in Newtown (playing with Kat Frankie), and if you get the chance, go see Bertie! She moves with each song she performs.

Peter said...

Yeah hold me close is another great song. With such rave reviews, I definitely have to see her live now!