Oh No! Oh My! - Oh No! Oh My!

I seem to have a thing for bands with weird names. It’s always fun trying to convince someone that a band actually went and named themselves ‘Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!’. Well now I have another to add to my collection, ‘Oh No! Oh My!’. Their style is a blend pretty standard indie sounds, incorporating a variety of instruments and even going electro at times. But what sets them apart I think is they’re ability to create a certain intimacy in their music.

I Have No Sister – This song is far from perfect, most times it just seems pointless, mostly due to the awkward lyrics. Yet listening through, it was quick to stand out. Clearly the quirkiness and variation are enough to keep it afloat. It touches on the electro I mentioned earlier and also features sounds ranging from glockenspiels to acoustic guitars to a sleazy bass riff. It all combines to form a decisively weird song but one which I quite enjoy.

Lisa, Make Love! (It’s Okay!) – I haven’t felt this much for a song character since Millencolin’s ballad. Here is a prime example of the intimacy I mentioned earlier. In contrast to the last song, this time the lyrics are a strong point. Again the variation of sounds adds to the songs value, they even manage to make the flute sound cool.


mel said...

Wow that's kinda freaky, I'm 65% into downloading Oh No Oh My, and I check your blog and its your recent post. I wish I could recommend something, um, try if you haven't: Talking Heads, Billy Bragg, Mogwai, Spiritualized, Midlake, Andrew Bird, Danielson, Sparklehorse, Destroyer, Grizzly Bear. I don't know if you'd like any of the above, probably not, eh I tried

Peter said...

hehe, either we're highly intune OR, what is far more likely, we have the same source. But it's good to someone else is listening to these weird bands i've found. Talking Heads - interesting but not my thing. Billy Bragg - definitely heard of, just can't put name to music at the moment. Danielson - I have and was blown away by it's abstractness. Will have to give it another listen soon. The others I haven't really heard of but i thnk i'll go out and 'buy' a few right now

Frank Sinatra said...

oi give me danielson
ill see on wednesday
give you frontline
fair trade?..and clockwork orange

jane said...

oh i wanted to hear 'jane is fat'

Anonymous said...

sparklehorse are good and so are mogwai.
please put some of the spark's stuff up. i can't find their music anywhere or maybe im just too lazy and want it placed in front of my eyes.

Peter said...

OK well i'll definitely be checking out sparklehorse now and if I like them, I'll use them here. Of course if I don't like them, you'll have to trust my judgement that you're better off without them......or just ignore me, your choice.