Red Riders

Red Riders - I Think You're Blind

I find it strange how you can listen to a band, not think anything of them, then weeks later hear them again and feel like you’ve always loved them. This emergence of dormant feelings towards music seems to be a common occurrence for me. In fact it seems that none of the bands I really like appealed to me at first. Well anyway, this is what occurred with Red Riders. I’d heard their EP off my brother’s friend’s brother a couple of times, but only upon seeing them did I realise how much I liked it. I think the liveness has something to do with it, for the same thing happened with their second EP. Available on their website, I was disappointed with these songs which felt in comparison to the first. But when I heard them perform it live at the launch, this view completely flipped and I listened to nothing but, for the next few days. The moral of this story, is that you should NEVER JUDGE A SONG UNTIL YOU”VE HEARD IT AT LEAST 5 TIMES. Perhaps even leave a week between listens to see if your mind subconsciously stores it away for later enjoyment

This song is in fact my second favourite off their new EP. By that I mean second song to be my favourite, for over time my likes have evolved. Should I have included Hey Kid because it made a quicker impression on me and would likely do the same for others? No. For while it is indeed good, I believe this to be the better song.

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