Dappled Cities Fly

Dappled Cities Fly – Peach

Dappled are their own genre. They incorporate elements of traditional indie-rock sounds with experimentation, quirky lyrics and a healthy dose of high-pitched exclamation. The result is music with genuine intimacy, where you fall in love with every little twist and turn. It isn’t necessarily the type of music that strikes you as outstanding, yet you’d be hard-pressed finding a fault with it. Each song is masterfully created. The added bonus is that all this translates seamlessly into their live shows. Each song is perfectly recreated, yet doesn’t sound stale and the atmosphere is fun and energetic.

Despite all my efforts to avoid it, I always seem to end up picking this song as the definitive Dappled song. There’s plenty of great music on their debut album, A Smile, which equals and perhaps even betters this, yet when removed from the album’s context it just seems awkward and out of place. This song however stands strong on it’s own and displays a range of their differing sounds. But still I recommend getting the WHOLE album and really getting to know it.

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Pearl Grey said...

Certainly worth the commendation sweet outfit all round. originality sublime