It's very likely that you've never heard of Hilotrons. Not many people have. It's one of those great musical mysteries that escapes me to this very day. Here's a band making music that's edgy, energetic and outrageously catchy, yet nobody listens. At times their music is infectious, sucking you into an frantic body-moving frenzy, yet nodbody is dancing. What went wrong? After reading a review that expressed similar disenchantment with this band's criminal level of underappreciation, I'm stepping out with my support. Hilotrons put out a new album this year, Happymatic, and it's shaping up to be another powerful release. I'm still warming to it, but it's definitely reignited the Hilotrons fever. Here's a song from that album, along with a cracker from their last album, Bella Simone.

Lovesuit (Happymatic. 2008)

As I mentioned, the new album doesn't quite excite me like the last one did, but knowing myself, this could very well change soon. Here's a song thats up there with my favourites so far.

Isis (Bella Simone, 2005)

I thing this songs gives some clues to why Hilotrons have been so widely ignored. Sadly, the moments of utter brilliance (yes, BRILLIANCE), are mixed with moments of the ordinary. If they could channel their talent into producing music that maintained the intensity throughout, the result would be devastating.

Restore the musical balance. Get your Hilotrons on.


Jakeg said...

Hell yeah!

eda said...


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Soundstheyleftbehind said...

Just saw your recent posts, does this mean your back in the game!?! hope so. how hectic is the splendour line up?? so devo i'm missing it.


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