Independent Sydney Bands...are coming

I’ve decided that my site is shamefully lacking in music from my home town, Sydney. So to rectify this problem I’ve decided to do a MASSIVE feature on Sydney Bands. I use the term ‘Independent’ rather loosely because to be honest, I’m not 100% sure what it means. I like to think of it as being the opposite of mainstream. These are the awesome bands that while they have many devoted fans, are unknown to the average Joe on the street, as they’re yet to appear on Video Hits. Over the next few weeks I’ll be scouring the Internet and cd stores in search of these bands and will present to you a fairly comprehensive guide to the booming Sydney music scene. I am however rather busy at the moment and considering it will take a while to sort through all the music and then actually write the post, it won’t come for a while. In fact, I think I’ll set a date, both to keep me on track and to give you something to look forward to. It shall be arriving Wednesday 30th August so write it down in your diaries. Until then you’ll have to put up with the regular content i.e. some of the best music from across the world. Hang in there!

Bands currently being considered include: Red Riders, Expatriate, Dappled Cities Fly, The Tucker B’s, Van She, Starky, I [Love] Space, Belles Will Ring, The Paper Scissors and more. If you love a band and think everyone should know about them, leave a comment and I’ll check them out. If you’re in a band, the more generosity you show towards me, the greater your chances of inclusion. So stay tuned for this momentous event…..


Kone said...

Paper scissors very very good and on the topic of scissors, the boat people <--- out of QLD i think but still good. (their song clean has a scissor reference)

Peter said...

Yeh I only recently heard Paper Scissors but they've already left an impression. As for Boat People, I've definitely heard of, and remember liking, yet not being Sydney, they don't qualify. Where are they up to terms of EP's or Albums? If I find they're latest and like it, I may use it as a regular post.

MEL said...





Peter said...

Pinky Tuscadero.....the name rings a bell.....Wolf & Cub are from Adelaide, however their album comes out in August so you could be seeing it here VERY soon. As for modular/tsubi/ have me very confused. Firstly tsubi is a Jeans company (a 'trendy' and 'fashionable' one no less), though they did sponser a party (or is it a regular event?)featuring Moudlar (record company) bands. Do you dislike tsubi jeans, modular records or the bands that played at that party (or all....)? While Modular may be home to some horrible bands, many of them are actually quite good. The same can't be said for tsubi....they represent all that is evil. Perhaps if you name some specific bands some progress can be made

mel said...

fuck, i forgot, THE RED PAINTINGS! my housemates suggested (without really checking where they are from):
- goyte
- fourplay
- the follow
- midnight juggernauts (spelling?)
- the guild league

i'm sorry, i have to stop being so vague. modular and tsubi are sleeping together, the corporate whores. ugh i still don't make sense.

ok attempt #3.

modular and tsubi have held quite a few parties together. i hate modular for mixing music with fashion which i really really believe should be seperate because fashion is lame. i just think creating fashionable bands like Van She and the Valentinos is gay especially when they arent spectacular but they'll sport tight jeans and a scarf around their gay neck. i hate tsubi even more for making the whole Bang Gang/77/bandits scene where a bunch of scenester fucktards get really dressed up to hear really bad electro crap mashed with rock.

omg i'm really sorry

Peter said...

Unfortunately THE RED PAINTINGS are from queensland so I can't use them here. Depending on how I recieve their new EP when I finally get my hands on it, you may see it yet. Goyte (pronounced goit!) is again someone I need to get round to hearing more of, but he is in fact from Melbourne, as are the Midnight Juggernauts. And as far as I can see, The Guild League aren't even from Australia....But for the other two, I'll add them to my growing list of bands to check out.

This Van She/Valentinos/Bang Gang fashion conspiracy is certainly new to me and if true, something I'd be ideologically against. Electro music isn't really my thing however I don't mind Van She. Had I heard or seen them in this context things might have been different. I'll have to do a little more investigation but your opinion has been duly noted. Thanks

kone said...

I dont like tsubi i think buying intentionally old jeans is stupid especially for exorbitant prices. If what you say is true i agree am and against such movements.
HOWEVER i actually really like the valentinos and van she, argh the conflict. I'm not concerned with how they look but how they sound, and if tsubi are wiling to fork out money to help them continue making good music (opinion) then thats ok, just i will still choose not to wear their clothes or like what clothes the valentinos wear.
Also alot of what you are speaking about i have heard about from Fbi e.g. Modular, Bang gang etc and am i right in thinking you don't like the radio station.
Music and money aren't the best if the music is just to promote the entiprise. But since art started, well mainly since the Renaissance artists have been paid to create e.g. Michelangelo, Da Vinci

Peter said...

Yeah I agree. This tainting of music is something undesirable yet is always going to happen. We just have to make the choice whether or not to support these artists. For me, I find it hard to like a band's music if I dislike their image. But that's just me. As for Van She, I haven't been turned off them.......yet.

mel said...

Hey! I have my head screwed on today so maybe my comment will actually be coherent.

I really have to stop being about image/appearances. If a band gets popular, I disown them. If a band is fashionable, same fate. There are exceptions, of course, but overall that's pretty much the formula. All the bands I diss I used to like once upon a time. Anyways, I'm just being a hypocrit. I can quite openly vent about fashion and superficiality, but then I'll hate a band because they dress well.

P.S I don't really like The Follow anymore, more and more people are showing up to their gigs.

P.P.S Go research Daniel Johnston :)

Kone said...

i know the feeling with regards to hating what everyone likes. I find i campaign really hard for everyone to like my bands then bitch when commercial people like my bands. However if they truly are good i still like them anyway thats how you tell a goooooooood band

Proskurin said...

have you heard 'the what riot', being played on Fbi and JJJ a bit sound quite good, from wollongong. Seem quite energetic

Peter said...

tall poppy's stupid when you think about it but that doesn't stop us

the what riot eh....if they've been on the radio then most likely i've heard them ut just don't know it. According to the internet they don't exist. Are you sure that's their name?

*the watt riot

Kapooka Baby! said...

I'm pretty lukewarm about most Sydney bands. I think a lot of them pander to "fad sounds".

The last Sydney band to make me go phwoar was Regular John. Check 'em out!

Peter said...

To each his own i guess. Or maybe you're just looking in the wrong places.....But yes i've heard of regular john, i'll add them to the list

Pip Senior said...

The Religion, I saw them at the Annandale last week. And they cropped up the other day, so I'm feeling a lil stalked. Fucking great show though.

Im such a blogwhore. :)

Peter said...

Cheers mate, I'm checking them out now. There's nothing wrong with reading a few blogs here and there, just be sure not to forget about every song you download. Give them all a re-listen every now and then, it makes a big difference. It's good to see a reminder is cracking again, for a while it seemed to be a bit stagnant.

Annabel Taylor said...

Ah, the Boat People were gonna be my suggestion, even though they aren't from Sydney.

I believe they're working on a new album (they've got lots of new songs!), but their debut album - 'yesyesyesyesyes' - is their latest release. They had three EPs and a single before that, though.

Peter said...

haha, the demand is too high, I have no choice but to look further into this boat people album

Baron von Hutch said...

The Paper Scissors is my pick of the bunch. They are the most exciting band Sydney has had in some time. Great tunes and a great stage presence.

The Watt Riot are awesome. Check them out if you get a chance Peter... although they're from wollongong. Does that count? hmmm

Peter said...

Yeah I've only known The Paper Scissors for a short time (it was probably you who put me on to them) but they're already way up there on my list. I saw them live for the first time on saturday and it was great fun.

I've heard The Watt Riot and I'm quite impressed by what I hear. I think i'd have to see them live to REALLY get a feel. But yeah unfortunately being from wollongong they don't qualify. But the good news is that when I'm finished I'll be offering mp3's of around another 20 bands who didn't make it in for one reason or another and they'll definitely be included there.

aaron said...

check out sydney band yen.
we're independant!!!!!