Bands That Belong To Crappy Genres And Are Therefore Crappy Themselves

Why on Earth do I keep talking about bands I don’t like you ask? Interesting question. It is partly to make this Homebake feature more complete, but also because I don’t do it nearly enough! It feels good to get stuck into bands I despise every now and then, vent a bit of anger. You can tell I’m still refrained though because these bands have fans and those fans have fists…

Rap / Hip Hop

Plain and simply, I do not like rap or hip hop. I don’t appreciate it, I don’t understand it and I certainly don’t enjoy it. I also don’t want to get into a debate on whether it’s rubbish or not, rather I just want to state: IT’S NOT FOR ME. I am getting better though. I used to turn my radio off when it came on because I found it painful. Now I can at least sit through it. Live performances are when this genre is supposed to go best but for me it gets worse. I find the interaction with the crowd to be less than thrilling

Hilltop Hoods – Say “hilltop”…..x17 – That is my impression of Hilltop Hoods. Every time I’ve experienced this sort of crowd ‘interaction’, I’ve always felt it’s dragged on WAY too long. Hilltop Hoods are perhaps the worst culprits. I was going to include an mp3 because I actually don’t mind some of their songs where they stray from actual hip hop, but then I realised this wouldn’t be appropriate seeing as I have absolutely no desire to go see them

Macromantics – It’s a girl!

N'fa - Meh

Scribe – Big meh

Electro / Dance

Admittedly I am warming more and more to this genre, but in at an outdoors, daytime festival, the mood just wouldn’t be right. Whether these guys get a look in or not really depends on when and where they’re are playing. It’s not looking promising.

Infusion –I’ve actually seen this band once whilst waiting for another and they didn’t exactly leave a good impression. Sure their hit single (Natural) went off, but for the rest of the set they lacked direction and just fizzled out. I am willing to give them another chance, but only if I have nothing better to do

Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock – I wasn’t sure if this duo belonged here or in the category above and since I couldn’t find any of their music to sample, I remain in the dark. It would be disappointing but for the fact I have no real interest in them

Mountains in the Sky - I'm not sure if this is a constant theme, but everything i've heard so far is basically instrumental and to be honest, a little boring. I could be missing something though...

Hardcore / Screamo

You’d think that even if you didn’t like such music, their energy would make for an interesting live performance. WRONG. At The Big Day Out I thought I’d go check Slipknot out for the novelty of their costumes and the energy of their show. It was the biggest mistake of my life. They didn’t play music, it was NOISE, immensely painful to the ears. Not only that but their ‘energetic live performance’ consisted of them standing in a line, all swinging they’re hair in circles. Great. It confirmed what I already suspected: this is the WORST type of music.

Parkway Drive - Unfortunately for both this band…

The Vaine – …and this one, they have crossed the line of acceptable heaviness, joined the dark side and hence I couldn’t recommend them less.

Stick with me, I only have to do a couple of ‘maybes’ over the next few days and then I can finally get to the good stuff!


dave said...

Kid Kenobi is a dj no more no less, however he is a bloody good one and is awesome live, hence winning the Technics inthemix50 –
Australia’s Top50 DJ Poll 3 years running.
However Shureshock is bilge and a number of people i've spoken also express great disbelief as to why Kenobi continues to tour with him as he brings his live performances down.

Peter said...

yeah that's the impression i got. I'd heard he was a good dj so might have been worth seeing but teaming up with anyone with mc in their name instantly turned me off

Wayne said...

yeap most hip/hop rap is bad, and live shows are worse, nothing can beat a well written song, there is some good hip/hop out there but you have to search hard to find it. aussie hip/hop is the worst though, no originality there

Oscar said...

Downsyde, The Herd and Koolism are 3 aussie hip hop groups that are talented, great live and that write awesome music. Before everyone (other than Peter, he's too stubborn) denounces Aus Hip Hop, look around.

Anonymous said...

The Vaine – …and this one, they have crossed the line of acceptable heaviness, joined the dark side and hence I couldn’t recommend them less.

Since when has heaviness became unacceptable? If anything our world of rock music is just getting heavier. Go get some ear muffs.