Big Name Bands That Don't Interest Me

For me, the attraction of this festival lies in the mid tier bands, the incredibly talented ones who are yet to gain widespread fame. On the other hand, some of the bands that are supposedly huge and will no doubt pull massive crowds, actually interest me very little. The irony is that while I couldn’t care less about them, these are the bands that contribute most to the ticket price and also led to the festival selling out in record time, denying me the chance to see the bands that I actually like. Well at least it would be if the fence wasn’t so stupidly easily to jump. THAT’s irony for you. Some of these selections will surprise you, others won’t. Either way, these AREN’T the bands that are attracting me to Homebake

You Am IBerlin Chair

Yes, You Am I fall here also. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for them, but I just don’t like them. Tim Rogers’ drunkenness seems to come out in their music and it just doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve seen them live and was similarly unimpressed. It’s probably that they have an ‘acquired taste’ and I’ve never given them the time they deserve. But despite this I feel no great desire to rectify this problem and so will probably continue with my indifference.

Something For KateCaptain

It may sound bad, but if I’m not in the right mood, I swear these guys could put me to sleep. To me the vocals sound bland and monotonous and if I don’t pay close attention, they just wash over me. I do admit that they do have quite a few great songs, showing that they have strong song-writing ability, but sadly this isn’t all that makes a great live show. Seeing as the last time I watched them I found it utterly boring, I doubt I’ll be checking them out again.

Eskimo JoeTurn Up Your Stereo

Once upon a time Eskimo Joe played simple, catchy music. Once upon a time Eskimo Joe had fun. Once upon a time Eskimo Joe were good. However, as time has passed, they have developed into commercial music’s sweethearts, selling their souls in the process. I must admit I don’t hate their music, in fact if I actually went and listened to their new album, I’m sure I wouldn’t mind it. But principles mean I won’t be doing that. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but Eskimo Joe, somewhere along the line you lost me.

The Butterfly EffectPhoenix

I guess you could say that this band isn’t as big as some of the other headliners but if you think in terms of Triple J exposure, they’re up there. Their music is a heavy blend of rock, but personally, it fails to excite. I do however get the feeling that they would have a lot energy when playing live, so I may be checking them out if have some spare time.

Big bands, big deal. I don’t find these bands so horrible that I can’t understand why people like them, it’s just a matter of personal preference. If you’re into them, then by all means go see them! But to me, their names signify short dinner queues rather than a great live show.

You may have to bear with me for a few days while I get the bands that I DON’T like out of the way, in order get to the ones I DO like. Don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of information and mp3s, they just won’t be any good…to an extent. No mp3s means they suck (to me) one mp3 means I’m undecided (and hence I’m leaving it up to you to decide), while two mp3’s means they’re HOT.


Pix said...

could not agree with you more

tbe and ej were two acts which showed early flickers of promise. and now they are horrific

kone said...

You am I great but did suck live, something for kate great on cd but do seem likely to bore live, eskimo joe sellout and freely admit it the other day saying they dont care what people think they wanted money, even commenting that all indie kids only like their eps and possibly first album. the butterfly effect ehhh.

Peter said...

haha that's pretty funny that they admitted it. When was this? And despite the fact I no doubt would have chosen money as well, I'll still hate them for it. EPs forever!

chuckwagon said...

dont rate butterfly effect, but the rest at some point in their career were good.
tim rodgers is a hell of a song writer (both musically and lyrically), i find his down tempo stuff impressive (listen to his solo stuff). but you am i have had 2 sucky albums in a row now.
eskimo joe were good for one album, thereafter i have just wanted to punch them.
something for kate are shit boring but 'captain' is a good song.

Wayne said...

pretty much agree with all the comments above, eskimo joe are just bland now, butterfly effect are bad, you am i are one of the all time great australian bands, but i doubt now they will produce another great record, still can bring it live though

jane said...

"berlin chair" helped name "silverchair"

SUPER said...

Love You am I and Something For kate live (Just saw them both at Big Day Out!)

Susie said...

I agree with you about Eskimo Joe. They kinda suck now (her name's sarah! Why do you have to ask?!) As for something for kate-one of my three favourite bands! I saw them live & that was what got me into them!
Good thing you like silverchair...