On Goings On

It's quite an exciting time for me because tomorrow sees Frequency Shift kicking off with a great big bang. It was put together by some friends and I and consists of our favourite Sydney bands playing over two nights at The Hopetoun Hotel. What more could you ask for? The amount of fun that will be had borders on downright ridiculous. I can't wait. It's quite a big weekend across Sydney, but I can tell you with 100% bias that this will be the best. I've raved extensively about most of these bands and for the others, you can fill in the blanks ("blew me away", "completely entranced by their fantastic melodies" etc.) Check the myspace page for details. See you there!

In other news from across the local blogosphere, Sean from A Reminder has released his annual 'Best Australian Artists' list, compiling the opinions of various bloggers and radio heavies. It 's quite an interesting read. Unfortunately I didn't contribute because a) I'm lazy b) I was busy c) I listen to way too much American music and d) I can never remember whether an artist came this year or last. I'm just disappointed that I didn't get to give the likes of Cloud Control, The Seabellies and John Columbus the boost they deserved (I wonder if it would have made a difference....). Ah well. Also, in case you lost hope, Get Big, Little Kid has come back from the dead. Hooray!

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the statics. yeah!