Be Right Back

I’m absolutely bursting with new music and yet it doesn’t look like I’ll get a chance to speak about it. Sadly, university exams beckon and my inefficient ways are coming back to bite me. I would love to add to the pile of Radiohead opinions, waffle on about my latest discoveries like Dr Dog and The Forms, report on Jack Ladder’s amazing new offerings, relive The Mint Chicks’ hilarious acrobatics at The Lair, digest the huge first announcement for the Laneway Festival and even plug the gig I'm organising, but alas, it all seems unlikely (somehow I get the feeling I’ll be able to make an exception for the last one). But don’t worry, in two weeks I’ll be free and back to my old ways, hopefully with plenty of catch up material. In the meantime, go watch some Curb or perhaps go follow some of the (not so subtle) links above.


melaniestudyingsuxcore. said...

Peter, I have just discovered my new favourite band: The Octopus Project. I think there's been some buzz about them for awhile so I'm sorry if you've already heard of them. But if you haven't check their myspace out. And if you're going to download any album I'd say get their last. And if you like that, get their second last. P.S Good luck with your exams!

Peter said...

They've already got my vote, just for having Peelander Z in their top friends on myspace