Weezer - Pork and Beans clip

I was recently introduced to this very funny video for Weezer's latest single. It's full of cameos by YouTube stars, so those who will appreciate it most will probably have already seen it, but if you haven't, you're in for a treat. It's the kind of nerdy brilliance that only Weezer could pull off.
I wouldn't say the song is one of Weezer's best, but it's up there and shows promising signs for their upcoming album (The Red Album). Then again, they're disappointing track record means I probably won't get my hopes up. I got into Weezer in a big way, thanks to the brilliant Blue Album, but after Pinkerton I gave up. I have a slightly more determined mate, who has stuck with them through thick and thin, but even he admits he liked the new stuff more out of hope than substance. I've heard bits and pieces of this one, leaking out of his room, but I think I'll wait till I can hear the whole thing before judging it. Word on the street is that the final two tracks have leaked, so I might get chance soon. Here's hoping they return to their old form!

In the meantime I'll stick to the better days.
Buddy Holly


James M. Jensen II said...

I really liked their first three albums. Maladroit and Make Believe were disappointing, though.

oscar said...

Maldroit has some amazing songs. Burndt Jamb is great as is keep fishin and Space Rock.

Make Believe was disappointing but the Red Album is great. Heat Songs is their best song this decade. Pork and Beans is also a great single. While i will always stay with Blue there are some hidden Weezer gems within recent albums that definetly deserve a few more goes.

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