The Middle East

The beauty of music in today's age is just how easily it spreads. Once upon a time it took money and major support to get your music heard. Such forces still exists, but the internet has changed the game. Music can spread purely on its own merits, independent of the band's efforts. If a song is good enough, the listeners will do the promoting. Take, for example, the song 'Blood' by The Middle East. By all logical explanations, I shouldn't know it exists. The band is based in Townsville, over 1000km away. I had neither heard or heard of them before today. The friend who recommended them, discovered them on an indonesian blog. An INDONESIAN blog! How that blogger came across them is anybody's guess. For all I know, there could be dozens more links in the chain that has carried the music from the band and on to me. But again, thanks to the internet, I probably won't be the last in this chain. Spread, music, spread! It just goes to show that promotional efforts pale in comparison to the importance of composition. Write a good song and it will do the rest.


This song has an immense power to it. It starts soft, with smooth, honest vocals, accompanied by a subtle array of colourful instrumentation. This builds gradually, finally culminating in a rich vocal chorus, swelling with emotion. It's the sound of a truly great band, entering their element. Who are The Middle East? If only I knew.


zoharara said...

'Blood' is such a brilliant song. As i said, it reminds me of "Sunday music" and even at 4am right now The Middle East are amazing.

Peter said...

it sure is impressive. i'm starting to see it as film clip mode. there's some adversity to begin with, but the character gradually gains strength, eventually coming to an uplifting realisation. from that moment on, life is bliss.

ok maybe i'm getting carried away....

George said...

The Middle East is also where the nation of Israel is.Also where the Bible,Gods word,speaks of good music to God being Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual songs.Also where we get the new song in our hearts by putting our faith and trust in the Saviour and true and living God,The LORD Jesus Christ.He is the only one who died for our sins on the cross 2000 years ago outside of Jerusulum ,Israel in the Middle East.He was buried, and rose from the dead.He was seen of men and went back up to Heaven. If we repent of our sins against a Holy God and trust Jesus Christ as our Saviour he will forgive our sins and save our souls from going to Hell fire forever and give us a home in Heaven by faith.Pray now,God be merciful to me a sinner and save me for Jesus sake! And he will give you his gift of eternal life.For God so loved the world; that he gave his only begotten son,that whosoever believeth in him should not perish,but have everlasting life.(John3:16 ).In the Authorized King James Holy Bible,Gods preserved word in English.

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